The two photographs of No.3 North Green Street were taken in 1994 by Glen Young and show a near derelict building which was once the Polygon Porter Stores. The pub closed in 1956 and the building has recently been converted into a private residence. Sadly the green and brown tiles have disappeared but the two entrances and the bay window have been retained.

CENSUS 1871.
James Nichols 27, head married, carpenter and publican, Dunster Somerset
Anne Nichols 26, wife married, Cork

CENSUS 1881.
Elizabeth Gliddon 61, head widow, beer house keeper, Devon Bideford
Emily J. Bannett 13, niece, Sussex Cuckfield

CENSUS 1891.
William H. Crook 26, head married, publican, Wiltshire
Eliza Crook 29, Gloucestershire Uley
George William M. Crook 4, son, Bristol
Alexander Fraser Stewart 49, boarder single, Major (½ pay) Bombay Staff Corps. Scotland Pittysarch

CENSUS 1901.
Edward Bowden 54, head married, beer retailer, Berkshire Reading
Lydia Bowden 51, wife married, Wiltshire Devizes
William J. Gliddon 21, stepson single, barman, Glamorganshire Cardiff

CENSUS 1911.
William E. Marshallsea 41, head married, dock labourer and beer retailer, Bristol
Ada Marshallsea 33, wife married, assists in business, Bristol
Florence Marshallsea 20, daughter single, assists in business, Bristol
William Marshallsea 17, son single, dock labourer, Bristol
Annie Marshallsea 16, daughter single, assists in business, Bristol
Daniel Marshallsea 14, son, school, Bristol
Kathleen Marshallsea 9, daughter, school, Bristol
Maltadia Marshallsea 7, daughter, school, Bristol
Chalotte Marshallsea 6, daughter, school, Bristol
Doris Marshallsea 4, daughter, Bristol
Edith Marshallsea 3, daughter, Bristol
Frederick Marshallsea 2 months, son, Bristol


1867 - 69. Robert Hickey
1871 - 77. James Nicholls
1878. F. Davis
1879 - 81. Elizabeth Gliddon
1883. John Gliddon
1885 - 86. Richard Lee
1887. Arthur Whitehouse
1888 - 89. Harry Sturt
1891 - 92. William Crook
1894 - 1901. Edward Bowden
1904 - 31. William E. Marshallsea
1935 - 38. Francis Woods
1944. Annie Woods
1947. Lilian Annie Kilbride
1950. Ernest Watts
1953. Arthur Evans
1956. Frederick Bready

 © Glen Young

 © Glen Young

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