On the corner of Charles Place the Merchants’ Arms is pictured here in the early 1950’s, it was then a Simonds outlet but is now owned by Bath Ales.  Recently known as Ollie’s it is now named the Merchants’ Arms again.

CENSUS 1841.

Thomas Williams 30, plasterer and painter, born in county
Elza Williams 35, born in county
Ester Berry 20, servant, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Susanna Delve 42, head widow, publican, Wiltshire Devizes
James Delve 13, son at home, Bristol St.James
Roger Miles 25, lodger unmarried, farm labourer, Wiltshire Urchfont
Henry Snook 37, lodger unmarried, farm labourer, Wiltshire Urchfont
William Heale 42, lodger married, nurseryman, Wiltshire Bromham

CENSUS 1861.

John Stacey 51, head married, beer retailer and master mariner, Somerset Pill
Eliza Stacey 51, wife married, Bristol
Mary Stacey 25, daughter unmarried, Bristol
James Stacey 19, son unmarried, fitter, Bristol
Ellen Stacey 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
William Bennett 33, lodger married, fitter, Gloucester
Susan Bennett 30, lodger married, Gloucester

CENSUS 1871.
Reubin Hollyman 51, head married, publican, Abbot’s Leigh Somerset
Mary A. Hollyman 52, wife married, Abbot’s Leigh Somerset
Jane Hollyman 21, daughter unmarried, Abbot’s Leigh Somerset
Alfred Hollyman 11, son scholar, Abbot’s Leigh Somerset
Henry Hollyman 9, son scholar, Abbot’s Leigh Somerset

CENSUS 1881.
Daniel Lowry Sweet 29, head unmarried, beer retailer, Bristol
Sarah Anne Tyler 27, servant unmarried, barmaid servant, Dublin Ireland

CENSUS 1891.
Daniel L. Sweet 39, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Clifton
Sarah Ann Sweet 37, wife married, Dublin Ireland
Daniel W. L. Sweet 8, son scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Mary M. C. Sweet 6, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Alfred Sweet 4, son scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Elizabeth E. H. Sweet 3, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Ada Maud 10 months, daughter, Gloucestershire Clifton

CENSUS 1901.
Thomas Bengough 35, head married, beer retailer, Herefordshire Kinersley
Sarah A. Bengough 32, wife married, Herefordshire Almeley
Benjamin Bengough 8, son, Bristol
Thomas W. Bengough 6, son, Bristol
Ernest Bengough 8, son, Bristol
Gladys Bengough 9 months, daughter, Bristol
George Middleton 43, boarder widower, Wiltshire Chippenham
Arthur McGregor 45, boarder married, Ireland

CENSUS 1911.
Owen Hibbard Norris 37, head married, fitter at tobacco company, Bristol
Florence Norris 37, wife married, Wales
Florence Norris 19 months, daughter, Bristol
Elsie Jordan 15, servant, general domestic servant, Bristol





MERCHANTS’ ARMS  Merchants’ Road

1840 - 44. Thomas Williams
1851 - 55. Susannah Delve
1861. John Stacey
1863. John Hodges
1868 - 69. Thomas Joyce
1871 - 72. Reuben Hollyman
1874 - 77. Mary Ann Hollyman
1878. H. Bishop
1879. Thomas Wildbore
1881 - 96. Daniel Sweet
1899 - 1904. Thomas Bengough
1909. Henry Weeks
1911 - 14. Florence Norris
1921 - 28. Charles Portch
1931. Alfred Attwood
1935 - 38. William Jacobs
1944. Ivor Honeyfield
1950 - 53. W. Darsie
1975. C. Van Hamel



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