Whitehouse Lane

1860 - 63. John Bromfield
1871 - 72. John Perrett
1874 - 77. James Crof
1879 - 89. Wellington Beaven
1891 - 1917. William Henry Evans
1921 - 35. Arthur Evans
1936 - 1937. Caroline Evans
1937. Grace Johnson
1944 - 56. Caroline E. M. Sutor

Grace Johnson’s tenancy commenced on the 4th October 1937, the rent was £30 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd

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CENSUS 1861.
John Bromfield 38, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Buckland
Sarah Bromfield 38, wife married, Sidmouth
Alice Bromfield 20, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Gloucestershire
Thomas Bromfield 17, son unmarried, railway engine cleaner, Gloucestershire
John Bromfield 16, son unmarried, railway engine cleaner, Gloucestershire
Pamela Bromfield 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire

Ada Bromfield 4, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire
Douset Bromfield 3, son scholar, Gloucestershire
Edwin Radmond 16, lodger unmarried, painter, Bedminster

CENSUS 1871.
John Perrett 44, head married, brushmaker & victualler, Bristol
Martha Perrett 40, wife married, Pembroke
Selina Perrett 17, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Redcliff Parish Bristol
Edward Perrett 8, son scholar, St.Michael’s Bristol
William Waller 59, lodger widower, brushmaker, Gainsborough Lincolnshire
William Griffiths 57, lodger unmarried, brushmaker, Witham Essex

CENSUS 1881.
Wellington Beaven 42, head married, publican, Bedminster Bristol
Eliza Beaven 38, wife married, Bedminster Bristol
William Beaven 13, son scholar, Bedminster Bristol
Ellen Beaven 8, daughter scholar, Bedminster Bristol
Albert Beaven 6, son scholar, Bedminster Bristol
Wellington Beaven 3, son scholar, Bedminster Bristol
Alfred Beaven 2, son scholar, Bedminster Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
William H. Evans 29, head married, publican, Somerset Corston
Frances S. Evans 25, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1901.
William Henry Evans 38, head married, beer house keeper, Somerset Corston
Frances Sarah Evans 35, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1911.
William Henry Evans 48, head married, beer house keeper, Somerset Corston
Frances Sarah Evans 44, wife married, assisting in business, Gloucestershire Hanham
Frances Sarah Evans 8, daughter, Somerset Bedminster

Courage Brewery Archive via Bristol Know Your Place