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EXETER INN Mead Street

1870 - 74. James Butler
1876 - 78. Ellen Podbury
1879 to 1891. George Pollard
1892. Alice Shipp
1896. Julia Bird
1899 - 1904. Julia Pope
1906. Rose Fudge
1908. John Chorley

Pictured in the 1970s awaiting demolition this building was once the Exeter Inn

CENSUS 1871.
Exeter Inn
James Butler 30, head married, brass finisher, Bristol
Alice Butler 30, wife married, Devon Honiton
Florence Butler 7, daughter scholar, Somerset Bedminster
William J. Butler 3, son scholar, Somerset Bedminster
Thomas W. Butler 1, son, Somerset Bedminster
Elizabeth Butler 63, mother widow, Somerset Queen Charlton
Ida V. Bromfield 14, visitor scholar, Devon Upottery
Sarah Ann Mutter 11, visitor scholar, Somerset Bedminster
Alfred Brittan 20, boarder unmarried, shoemaker, Somerset Bedminster
Samuel Bishop 30, boarder unmarried, journeyman baker, place of birth unknown
Charles E. Clrark 29, boarder unmarried, tailor, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
Exeter Inn
George Pollard 39, head married, engineer, Gloucestershire Bristol
Julia Pollard 39, wife married, innkeeper, Somerset Bristol
Benjamin Pollard 17, son unmarried, clerk, Somerset Bristol
Elizabeth Lewis 19, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Exeter Inn
George Pollard 49, head married, engine fitter & publican, Somerset Bristol
Julia Polard 48, wife married, public house, Somerset Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
Julia Pope 40, head widow, grocer, Exeter Devon
Emma E. Kent 60, mother widow, needle woman, London
Archibald Bird 17, brother single, tram conductor, Kent Chatham
Arthur Pope 4, son, Bristol