COLSTON’S ARMS St.Michael’s Hill

1816. Edward Roche
1820. Benjamin Hughes
1822 - 28. John Weymouth
1829 to 1846. John Cochrane
1846 - 49. Ann Cochrane
1851. John Bullock
1851. Ann Bullock
1853 - 56. Ann Anthony
1858 - 75. John Brodie
1876 to 1877. George Hearn
1878 - 83. Samuel Hearn
1885 - 88. Caroline Hearn

1889. John Baxter
1891. Frederick Edgar
1892 to 1893. Howard Usher
1894. Alfred Walker
1896. W. Duck
1897. Francis Frappell
1900. Frances Love
1901. Ellen Locke
1904. E. W. Swann
1906. Theodore De Cokele
1909. Annie Jowett
1911. David Sayer
1914 - 38. Fanny Davis
1944. Rowland Bennett
1950. Victor Jennings
1953. Alfred Harvey
1975. G. S. Ellis

John Weymouth was also a carpenter, joiner and undertaker. The 1861 census gives John Brodie’s occupation as accountant on the railroad, his wife Ann is listed as landlady. After a spell as Micawber’s Ale House the pub was later named the Colston Arms

CENSUS 1841.
John Cockrane 50, publican, born in county
Ann Cockrane 50, not born in county
John Brady 20, clerk, not born in county
Neliot White 20, male servant, born in county
Ann Perkins 20, servant, not born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Ann Bullock 60, head married, victualler, Essex
Ann Anthony 60, assistant widow, Salisbury
Sarah Mathews 19, servant unmarried, Taunton
Philip Squires 12, pot boy, Bristol

CENSUS 1861.
John Brodie 43, head married, accountant on the railroad, London parish of Marylebone
Ann Brodie 49, wife married, landlady, Bristol Clifton
Louisa Brodie 19, daughter unmarried, Bristol Bedminster
Charlotte Watkins 31, servant widow, house servant, Bristol St.James’

CENSUS 1871.
J. B. Brodie 54, head married, licensed victualler, London Marylebone
M. A. Brodie 58, wife married, Bristol
L. A. Pluckmeat 26, daughter widow, barmaid, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
Samuel Hearn 66, head married, licensed victualler, Shebbear North Devon
Caroline Hearn 57, wife married, Barmston North Devon
Hellen N. Hearn 24, daughter unmarried, assisting in business, St.James’ Bristol
Hester Britton 21, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Henbury Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1891.
Frederick Edgar 50, head widower, licensed victualler & tailor, Somerset Bath
Florence Edgar 23, daughter single, Gloucestershire Bristol
Henry Edgar 18, son single, Gloucestershire Bristol
Alice Edgar 16, daughter, dressmaker’s apprentice, Gloucestershire Bristol
Ernest Edgar 14, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
Anne Edgar 12, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol

Rose Edgar 10, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Mabel Edgar 8, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Caroline Clarke 33, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Bristol

CENSUS 1901.

Ellen Locke 29, head single, licensed victualler, Devon Dulverton
Clara Webley 28, visitor single, mental nurse, Bristol
Mary A. Cruse 46, widow, domestic house keeper, Bath Somerset

CENSUS 1911.
David Sayer 31, head married, publican, Barningham Yorkshire
Elizabeth Sayer 35, wife married, Lochee Forfarshire
James Sayer 7, son, Totnes Devon

Robert Sayer 6, son, Totnes Devon

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