CENSUS 1841.
William Spiller 65, publican, not born in county
Mary Spiller 30, born in county
Mary Spiller 15, born in county
William Spiller 11, born in county
James Spiller 9, born in county
John Spiller 4, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Mary Spiller 43, head widow, licensed victualler, Bristol
Sarah Spiller 20, daughter unmarried, milliner & dress maker, St.Philip’s Bristol
James Spiller 19, son unmarried, porter, St.Philip’s Bristol
John Spiller 14, son, cooper (apprentice), St.Philip’s Bristol

CENSUS 1861.
Isaac Bennett 35, head married, publican, Bristol
Esther Bennett 34, wife married, Bristol
Charlotte Bennett 7, daughter, Bristol
John Dale Bennett 5, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Mary Bennett 2, daughter, Bristol
Esther Jane Bennett 1, daughter, Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
Swan With 2 Necks
Isaac Bennett 45, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Hester Bennett 44, wife married, Bristol
Charlotte Bennett 17, daughter unmarried, Bristol
John Bennett 15, son unmarried, Merchant’s clerk, Bristol
Elizabeth Bennett 7, daughter scholar, Bristol
Harriet Bennett 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Stephen Bennett 7, son scholar, Bristol
Isaac Bennett 5, son scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
William Jones 39, head married, licensed victualler, Scotland
Margaret Jones 40, wife married, Bristol
Richard Hunt 44, brother in law unmarried, general labourer, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Swan With Two Necks
Orlando G. Dezell 35, head married, gas works labourer, Bristol Holy Trinity
Sarah A. Dezell 35, wife married, Bristol St.Philip’s & Jacob
Caroline M. Dezell 1, daughter, Bristol Holy Trinity

CENSUS 1901.
Orlando G. Dezell 47, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Sarah Ann Dezell 47, wife married, Bristol
Catherine Mary Dezell 11, daughter, Bristol
George William Dezell 8, son, Bristol
Thomas O. Dezell 5, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Orlando George Dezell 55, head married, license holder, St. Philip’s Bristol
Sarah Ann Dezell 55, wife married, St.Jude’s Bristol
Catherine Mary Dezell 21, daughter single, cardboard box maker, St.Jude’s Bristol
George William Dezell 17, son single, no employment (heart failure), St.Jude’s Bristol
Thomas Orlando John Dezell 14, son, scale maker (apprentice to shop scale makers), St.Jude’s Bristol
Jane Sparks 48, sister in law single, domestic help, St.Jude’s Bristol


1794 - 1800. David Maddin
1806. James Crosby
1816 - 51. William Spiller
1851 to 1853. Mary Spiller
1854 to 1877. Isaac Bennett
1878. C. Ellis
1879 to 1882. William Jones
1883. Edward Gallop
1886. Edward Hay
1887 - 89. Francis Baldwin
1891 - 1914. Orlando G. Dezell 1914 - 21. Sarah Ann Dezell
1925 - 37. Caroline Mary Nash
1944 - 50. Elsie May Preddy
1953. John Smith

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