CENSUS 1871.
Burnt House Inn
Thomas Stride 70, head married, publican , Somerset Wittham
Ann Stride 55, wife married, publican’s wife, Somerset Castle Cary
Tom Stride 19, son unmarried, Somerset Castle Cary
Ann Stride 20, visitor unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Wittham

CENSUS 1881.
Burnt House
Thomas Stride 29, head married, brewer & publican, Somerset Englishcombe
Elizabeth Stride 30, wife married, Somerset Durley Witham
Rosina Stride 9, daughter scholar, Somerset Odd Down
Charles T. Stride 8, son scholar, Somerset Odd Down
Florence Stride 5, daughter, Somerset Odd Down
John T. Stride 1, son, Somerset Odd Down
Elizabeth A. Stride 4 months, daughter, Somerset Odd Down
Sarah J. Brimble 26, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Somerset Camerton

CENSUS 1891.
Burnt House
Thomas Stride 39, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Englishcombe
Elizabeth A. Stride 40, wife married, Somerset Druly Witham Friary
Rosina Stride 19, daughter single, barmaid, Somerset Bath
Charles T. Stride 18, son single, brewer, Somerset Bath
Florence Stride 15, daughter single, barmaid, Somerset Bath
John T. Stride 11, son scholar, Somerset Bath
Elizabeth A. Stride 10, daughter scholar, Somerset Bath
Caroline B. Stride 8, daughter scholar, Somerset Bath
Beatrice F. M. Stride 7, daughter scholar, Somerset Bath
William R. Stride 2, son, Somerset Bath
Margaret L. Stride 11 months, daughter, Somerset Bath

CENSUS 1901.
Charles T. Stride 28, head single, licensed brewer (worker), Somerset Bath
Caroline B. Stride 18, sister single, house keeper & barmaid, Somerset Bath
Violet E. Southern 13, servant, domestic servant, Somerset Combe Hay

CENSUS 1911.
Charles Thomas Stride 38, head married, brewer working for licensed victualler, Odd Down Bath
Ethel Florence Stride 32, wife married, Bath
Dorothy May Stride 8, daughter, Odd Down Bath
Annie Florence Stride 6, daughter, Odd Down Bath
Percy Charles Stride 4, son, Odd Down Bath
Gladys Queenie Evelyn Rummings 13, domestic servant, Oldfield Park Bath

Odd Down

1871 to 1875. Thomas Stride senior
1876 to 1927. Thomas Stride junior
1927 to 1961. William Stride
1961 to 1988. Robert Stride

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