1841 - 51. William Bull
1861. Hannah Bull
1871 - 72. James Baker
1874 - 76. Maria Baker
1881 - 88. George Rogers
1891 - 1911. Frank Rogers
1928 - 39. Albert Webb

CENSUS 1841.
William Bull 50, shopkeeper, born in county
Hannah Bull 38, born in county
Eliza Bull 18, born in county
Hannah Bull 5, born in county
Elizabeth Gilmore 60, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
William Bull 66, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset St. George
Hannah Bull 44, wife married, Somerset Sutton
Betty Bull 93, mother widow, Somerset Portbury
Hannah M. Bull 15, daughter scholar, Somerset St.George

CENSUS 1861.
Hannah Bull 60, head widow, grocer and publican, Somerset Sutton Bingham
Hannah M. Baker 25, daughter married, mariner's wife, Somerset St.George
Hannah M. Baker 1, granddaughter, Somerset St.George

CENSUS 1871.
James Baker 40, head married, publican, Somerset St.George
Maria Baker 35, wife married, Somerset St.George
Alice Baker 9, daughter scholar,
Somerset St.George
Anne Baker 8, daughter scholar, Somerset St.George
Minnie Baker 5, daughter scholar, Somerset St.George
Sidney Baker 4, son scholar, Somerset St.George

Enoch Baker 7 months, Somerset St.George
Elizabeth Hunt 13, servant, general domestic servant, Somerset St.George

CENSUS 1881.
George Rogers 36, head married, publican, Somerset Pill
Mary A. Rogers 25, wife married, Somerset Pill
Nora Rogers 1 month, daughter, Somerset Pill
Alice Baker 19, step daughter unmarried, general servant, Somerset Pill
Annie Baker 18, step daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Somerset Pill
Minnie Baker 14, step daughter scholar, Somerset Pill
Sidney Baker 13, step son, scholar,Somerset Pill

CENSUS 1891.
Frank Rogers 32, head married, publican, Somerset Pill
Annie Rogers 28, wife married, Somerset Pill
Maria B. Rogers 6, daughter scholar, Somerset Pill
Minnie M. Rogers 4, daughter scholar, Somerset Pill
James G. Rogers 3, son scholar, Somerset Pill
Samuel E. Rogers 9 months, Somerset Pill
Minnie Baker 24, sister single, Somerset Pill

CENSUS 1901.
Frank A. Rogers 42, head married, publican, Somerset Pill
Annie M. Rogers 38, wife married, Somerset Pill
Marie Rogers 16, daughter single, dressmaker, Somerset Pill
Minnie Rogers 14, daughter, Somerset Pill
James Rogers 13, son, Somerset Pill
Samuel Rogers 10, son, Somerset Pill
Frank Rogers 8, son, Somerset Pill

CENSUS 1911.
Frank Rogers 52, head married, publican, Somerset Pill
Annie Rogers 48, wife married,, Somerset Pill
Maria Rogers 26, daughter single, dressmaker, Somerset Pill
Minnie Rogers 24, daughter single, dressmaker, Somerset Pill
James Rogers 23, son single, shipwright, Somerset Pill
Samuel Rogers 20, son single, plumber and decorator, Somerset Pill
Eda Rogers 10, daughter school, Somerset Pill
Minnie Baker 45, sister in law single, assistant in business, Somerset Pill

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Postcard, Bristol’s Lost Pubs collection