CENSUS 1851.

Elizabeth Caffey 74, head widow, publican, Gloucestershire Henbury

Louisa Davis 35, daughter married, dressmaker, Somerset St.George

Eliza Macklaclan, 21, granddaughter unmarried, Somerset St.George

Emma Davis 10, granddaughter scholar, Somerset St.George

William Parfit 22, grandson unmarried, Newport Pilot, Somerset St.George

William Williams 59, lodger unmarried, carpenter, Somerset St.George

CENSUS 1861.

John Hunt 48, head married, inn keeper, Pill Somerset

Louisa Hunt 45, wife married, Pill Somerset

Emma Davis 19, step daughter unmarried, barmaid, Pill Somerset

William Hanmore 66, boarder unmarried, mariner, Pill Somerset

Charles Frank 30, lodger married, merchant, Germany

Elizabeth Frank 30, lodger married, merchant’s wife, Germany

CENSUS 1871.

John Hunt 58, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset St.George

Louisa Hunt 55, wife married, Somerset St.George

Louisa E. Hunt 5, granddaughter, Somerset St.George

Eliza Knight 14, servant, general servant, Gloucestershire Bristol

CENSUS 1881.

John Hunt 68, head marreid, licensed victualler, Pill Somerset

Lousia Hunt 64, wife married, landlord’s wife, Pill Somerset

Louisa Bailey 15, granddaughter, landlord’s assistant, Pill Somerset

CENSUS 1891.

Albert Preston 32, head married, inn keeper, Somerset Pill

Eliza Preston 34, wife married, Somerset Pill

Louisa E. Preston 10, daughter, Somerset Pill

Edith Preston 2, daughter, Somerset Pill

Dora Preston 1, daughter, Somerset Pill

CENSUS 1901.

Albert Preston 42, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Pill

Eliza Preston 46, wife married, Somerset Pill

Edith Preston 11, daughter, Somerset Pill

Dora Preston 10, daughter, Somerset Pill

Laura Preston 7, daughter, Somerset Pill

CENSUS 1911.

John Gerrish 57, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Pill

Elizabeth Gerrish 56, wife married, Somerset Pill

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Swan had 13 rooms.


1829. Charles Chaffey

1841. John Chaffey

1841 to 1855. Elizabeth Chaffey

1861 - 82. John Hunt

1884 - 87. Eliza Harris

1891 - 1901. Albert Preston

1903 - 35. John Gerrish

1936 to 1938. Elizabeth Gerrish

CENSUS 1841.

Swan Inn Passage Bank

John Chaffey 75, victualler, born in county

Elizabeth Chaffey 64, born in county

Louisa Davis 25, born in county

Sarah Davis 2, born in county

Elizabeth Maclacklin 11, servant, born in county

John Davis 30, butcher, born in county

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