ANGEL INN Long Ashton Road

1800. George Wookey

1841. William Baynton

1845 - 72. James Eades

1873 - 76. W. Gunning

1881 - 1901. Alexander Middleton Gordon

1901 to 1902. Elizabeth Gordon

1904. George Waterman

1906. William Oldland

1911 - 23. Samuel Evans

1928 - 38. Henry Evans

1947. Elsie Margaret Evans

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CENSUS 1841.

William Baynton 40, inn keeper, born in county

Sophia Baynton 45, born in county

Sarah Lock 25, born in county

Mary Needs 15, servant, born in county

Sarah Inman 25, not born in county

Edward Ash 15, servant, born in county

George Higgins 45, servant, not born in county

CENSUS 1851.

James Eades 37, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset East Pennard

Maria Eades 30, wife married, Somerset Street

William Seymour Eades 2, son, Somerset Long Ashton

Mary Ann Ward 17, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Clanville

Joseph Dyke 49, servant married, ostler, Somerset Galhampton

William Foster 45, lodger married, accountant, Somerset Brislington

CENSUS 1861.

James Eades 45, head married, public house keeper, Somerset East Pennard

Maria Eades 39, wife married, Somerset Street

William S. Eades 12, son scholar, Somerset Long Ashton

Thomas P. Eades 8, son scholar, Somerset Long Ashton

Edna E. Eades 3, daughter, Somerset Long Ashton

Eva E. Eades 1 month, daughter, Somerset Long Ashton

Elizabeth Seymour 40, sister in law unmarried, Somerset Street

Mary A. Baker 31, servant unmarried, needle woman, Shirehampton Gloucestershire

Charlotte Garland 44, servant widow, nurse, Somerset Nailsea

Fanny Turill 16, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Street

CENSUS 1871.

James Eades 58, head widower, publican, Wraxall Somerset

William Eades 22, son, carriage proprietor, Ashton Somerset

Thomas Eades 19, son, clerk, Ashton Somerset

Henry Eades 7, son, Ashton Somerset

Elizabeth Seymour 50, sister in law widow, house keeper, Street Somerset

CENSUS 1881.

Alexander M. Gordon 57, head married, inn keeper, Scotland

Elizabeth Gordon 56, wife married, Somerset Barrow Gurney

Robert G. Gordon 22, son unmarried, oil merchant’s clerk, Somerset Frome

Annie Ada Gordon 23, daughter unmarried, formerly assistant, Somerset Frome

Bessie Gordon 19, daughter unmarried, Somerset Frome

George Birch 25, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Long Ashton

CENSUS 1891.

Alexander M. Gordon 67, head married, inn keeper & farmer, Scotland

Elizabeth Gordon 66, wife married, Barrow Gurney Somerset

Bessie Gordon 28, daughter single, barmaid, Frome Somerset

Harriet Butt 68, sister in law widow, retired farmer, Barrow Gurney Somerset

John O. Read 15, servant, agricultural Labourer, Dundry Somerset

CENSUS 1901.

Elizabeth Gordon 75, head widow, licensed victualler, Somerset Barrow Gurney

Bessie Gordon 44, daughter single, Somerset Frome

William Gordon 15, grandson, commercial clerk, Knowle Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

Samuel Edward Evans 55, head married, licensed victualler, Nailsea Somerset

Rhoda Evans 58, wife married, Nailsea Somerset,

Alice Maria Evans 26, daughter single, assisting in business, Tickenham Somerset

The annual rent paid by Elsie Evans in 1947 was £28 and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited