1841 - 62. Peter Fudge

1869. James England

1871. Ann England

1871 - 72. Charles Goodman

1873. John Jones

1878 - 81. John Plummer

1884 - 85. Ann Plummer

1886 to 1900. Ann England

1901. Henry Mathews

1901 - 09. George Tanner

1911. Henry Howes

1922. Charles Sleigh

1926 - 27. Benjamin Woore

1930. Frank Williams

1934 - 38. Frederick Skrine

1960. John H. Watts

CENSUS 1841.

Peter Fudge 40, publican, born in county

Jane Fudge 45, born in county

Mary Fudge 7, born in county

Alice Jefferis 55, servant, born in county

Sarah Fearson 25, servant, born in county

James Lewis 50, blacksmith, born in county

CENSUS 1851.

Peter Fudge 50, head married, victualler, hamlet of Oldland Gloucestershire

Jane Fudge 60, wife married, Siston Gloucestershire

Alice Jefferis 70, visitor unmarried, Siston Gloucestershire

Mary Gage 17, visitor married, Siston Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1861.

Peter Fudge 60, head married, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Bitton

Jane Fudge 65, wife married, inn keeper’s wife, Gloucestershire Siston

Peter Gage 9, grandson scholar, Gloucestershire Siston

Lucy Monk 19, servant unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire Bitton

CENSUS 1871.

Ann England 50, head widow, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Westerlleigh

Charles England 32, son unmarried, school master (unemployed), Gloucestershire Westerlleigh

Clara Ann Highman 14, niece scholar, Gloucestershire Westerlleigh

Isaac Highman 86, father widower, sawyer (formerly), Gloucestershire Westerlleigh

CENSUS 1881.

John Plummer 37, head married, licensed victualler, Purton Wiltshire

Ann Plummer 39, wife married, licensed victualler’s wife, Radstock Somerset

CENSUS 1891.

Ann England 70, head widow, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Westerleigh

Edith Peacock 14, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Bitton

CENSUS 1901.

Black Horse Inn

Henry Mathews 46, head married, shoemaker, Gloucestershire Warmley

Fanny Mathews 21, daughter single, Gloucestershire Warmley

Eleanor Mathews 19, daughter single, Gloucestershire Warmley

James Mathews 18, son single, railway engine fireman, Gloucestershire Warmley

Annie Mathews 16, daughter single, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Warmley

Mary Mathews 14, daughter, Gloucestershire Warmley

Albert Mathews 13, son, shoemaker, Gloucestershire Warmley

Charlie Mathews 11, son, Gloucestershire Warmley

CENSUS 1911.

Henry Howes 38, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bristol

Beatrice Louise Howes 29, wife married, assisting in business, Gloucestershire Bristol

Elsie Howes 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol

Hilda Jefferies 16, domestic servant single, Gloucestershire Bristol

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