CENSUS 1841.

Joseph Fryer 45, inn keeper, not born in county

Elizabeth Fryer 47, not born in county

Elizabeth Rennolds 82, not born in county

Henrietta Fryer 15, not born in county

Sylvia Fryer 14, born in county

Theodosia Fryer 6, born in county

Miriam Fryer 2, born in county

Edwin Fryer 12, born in county

Sydney Fryer 10, born in county

Frederic Fryer 8, born in county

Harman Fryer 4, born in county

CENSUS 1851.

George F. Dix 24, head married, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Emma Dix 27, wife married, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Roseana Dix 2, daughter, Gloucestershire Downend

Martha Dix 7 months, daughter, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Ann Powell 18, servant unmarried, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

CENSUS 1861.

John Preddy 34, head married, publican & blacksmith employing 8 men and 1 boy, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Sarah Preddy 33, wife married, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Sidney Preddy 9, son scholar, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Mary Ann Preddy 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Hannah MacEwen 15, servant unmarried, general servant, Staffordshire Dudley

CENSUS 1871.

Crown & blacksmith’s shop

John Preddy 44, head married, inn keeper master smith & wheelwright employing 2 men & 1 boy, Mangotsfield

Sarah Preddy 43, wife married, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Sidney Preddy 19, son unmarried, wheelwright, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Mary Simmons 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Hawkesbury Upton

CENSUS 1881.

William Gale 36, head married, inn keeper, Somerset Twerton

Annie Gale 32, wife married, Somerset Bath

Emma P. Gale 5, daughter scholar, Somerset Bath

Ada Gale 2, daughter, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Kate Gale 1, daughter, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Ann White 61, mother in law widow, boot binder, Somerset Bath

CENSUS 1891.

Robert Nicholls 29, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Bath

Fanny Nicholls 31, wife married, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Edwin Nicholls 25, brother single, inn assistant, Somerset Bath

Emily Nicholls 19, sistyer in law single, inn assistant, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

CENSUS 1901.

C. H. Ben Rennolds 54, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol

Ellen Rennolds 53, wife married, Bristol

Hester Rennolds 24, daughte single, dress maker, Bristol

Charles Rennolds 22, son single, Bristol

Alice Rennolds 20, daughter single, Bristol

Emily Rennolds 18, daughter single, Bristol

Frank Rennolds 16, son single, shop assistant (grocer), Bristol

Alfred Rennolds 13, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

Samuel Alfred Smith 38, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Parish of Kingswood near Bristol

Georgina Smith 52, wife married, Parish of Yate Gloucestershire

Mangotsfield Street

1841. Joseph Fryer

1851. George Dix

1856. Jane Haskins

1861 - 74. John Preddy

1879 - 86. William Gale

1891 - 94. Robert Nicholls

1901 - 06. Charles Rennolds

1910 - 11. Samuel Smith

1923 - 28. Fred Jones

1931. Claude Lloyd

1935 - 38. William Grist

1939. Charles Dent

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