CENSUS 1861.

George Furber 52, head married, farmer, butcher & publican, Gloucestershire Bitton

Elizabeth Furber 42, wife married, fruit & poultry dealer, Gloucestershire Bitton

Ann Furber 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton

Louisa Furber 5, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton

George Furber 4, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton

Cornelius Shellard 72, wife’s father married, carpenter, Gloucestershire Bitton

CENSUS 1871.

Butchers Arms

George Furber 63, head married, beer house keeper, Gloucestershire Hanham

Elizabeth Furber 51, wife married, market woman, Gloucestershire Oldland

Ann Furber 17, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Hanham

Louisa Furber 16, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Oldland

George Furber 14, son, Gloucestershire Hanham

George Rogers 18, servant unmarried, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1881.

William George Furber 24, head married, beer house keeper, Gloucestershire Bitton

Marian Furber 26, wife married, beer house keeper’s wife, Lacock Wiltshire

Samuel Furber 1, son, Gloucestershire Bitton

Sarah Ann Rogers 11. Visitor, Gloucestershire Bitton

CENSUS 1891.

William G. Furber 34, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Hanham

Marian Furber 36, wife married, Wiltshire Lacock

Samuel Furber 11, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham

Harry Furber 9, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham

Annie Furber 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham

Marian Furber 6, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham

Robert Furber 3, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham

William Furber 9 months, son, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1901.

Butchers Arms

George H. Gough 30, head married, inn keeper, Bristol

Mabel Gough 26, wife married, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym

Dorothy M. Gough 5, daughter, Bristol

Mabel Gough 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Hanham

Henry H. Gough 2, son, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1911.

Butchers Arms

James Baker 54, head married, beer retailer, Henbury Gloucestershire

Elizabeth Emma Baker 58, wife married, Baltonsborough Somerset


1855 - 75. George Furber

1875 to 1878. Elizabeth Furber

1878 to 1891. William G. Furber

1892 to 1896. Charles Collins

1896 to 1910. George Gough

1911. James Baker

1922 - 47. George Gough

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