WHITE LION  Frenchay Common

1856 - 71. Joseph Norgrove

1881. Eliza Croome

1885 - 86. Henry Simmonds

1890 - 1901. Susan Neale

1903 - 06. F. Smith

1910. William Davis

1911 - 39. Elizabeth Amy Davis

1960. S. D. Birch

The 1851 census shows Joseph Norgrove living in Frenchay working as a spade & shovel maker

CENSUS 1861.

Joseph Norgrove 54, head married, inn keeper, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

Jane Norgrove 60, wife married, landlady, Charlton Gloucestershire

Eliza Rosina Croome 26, daughter unmarried, assistant, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

Harriet Norgrove 20, daughter unmarried, assistant, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

Walter Norgrove 17, son unmarried, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

Robert Hatton Croome 8, grandson scholar, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1871.

Joseph Norgrove 64, head married, beerhouse keeper, Gloucestershire Frenchay

Jane Norgrove 70, wife married, Gloucestershire Frenchay

Eliza R. Croome 36, daughter married, Gloucestershire Frenchay

Robert H. Croome 18, grandson unmarried, Gloucestershire Frenchay

CENSUS 1881.

Eliza Rosina Croome 46, head unmarried, inn keeper proprietress of White Lion, Gloucestershire Winterbourne

Jane Norgrove 80, mother widow, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1891.

Susan Neale 61, head widow, licensed victualler, Somerset Withycombe

Alice Neale 14, daughter scholar, Gloucesteshire St.George

Eliza M. Rydon 33, niece single, barmaid, Somerset Dunster

Elizabeth Payne 21, servant single, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Kingswood

CENSUS 1901.

Susan Neale 71, head widow, publican, Somerset Withycombe

Alice Tiley 24, daughter married, Bristol

William Tiley 29, son in law married, painter & glazier, Bristol

(baby) Tiley 10 days, male grandchild, Gloucestershire Frenchay

Elizabeth Mealings 14, niece, Bristol

Emily Hutton 58, nurse single, monthly nurse, Gloucestershire Frenchay

CENSUS 1911.

Elizabeth Amy Davis 46, head widow, licensee, Bristol

Albert Edwin Thomas 25, son in law married, assistant in business, Bristol

Amelia Julia Thomas 22, daughter married, assistant in business, Bristol

Amy Dorothy Davis 14, daughter, apprentice to type writer, Bristol

Mary Elizabeth Davis 11, daughter school, Bristol

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