CENSUS 1871.

Charles Hopkins 56, head married, licensed victualler & agent, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

Maria Hopkins 63, wife married, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

Mary J. Rolph 17, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Chipping Sodbury

CENSUS 1881.

Charles Hopkins 65, head widower, licensed victualler & farmer, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

Mary J. Rolph 25, servant unmarried, house keeper, Gloucestershire Old Sodbury

CENSUS 1891.

Edmund Heaven 55, head marreid, inn keeper, Somerset Bristol

Mary F. Heaven 41, wife married, Somerset Bristol

Albert J. Heaven 8, son scholar, Somerset Bristol

Francis J. Heaven 6, son, Somerset Winscombe

Frederick E. Heaven 4, son, Somerset Winscombe

Emily A. Weeks 19, servant single, general servant, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

Cuthbert A. C. Lippyatt 14, servant, stable boy, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

CENSUS 1901.

John Daunton 34, head married, hotel keeper, Bristol Clifton

Jane Daunton 28, wife married, Australia Sydney

Emma Daunton 6, daughter, Australia Sydney

Annie Daunton 2, daughter, Australia Sydney

Nellie Daunton 1 month, daughter, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

CENSUS 1911.

Frederick Frank Grainger 41, head married, licensee, Aston Somerset

Edith Emily Grainger 40, St.Philip’s Bristol


1870 - 85. Charles Hopkins

1891. Edmund Heaven

1896. Frederick Lambert

1901. John Daunton

1901. William Winstone

1903. John Winstone

1905. Charles Forster

1909. Alexander Simeon

1911. Frederick Grainger

1918 - 30. Frederick Close

1938. John Rowland

1960. Cecil J. Jay

The Railway was rebuilt in the 1930s, it closed in the 1980s and was converted into a car showroom

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