CENSUS 1861.

Beer House

Margaret Williams 66, head widow, beer retailer, Herefordshire Much Birch

Ann Williams 33, daughter unmarried, seampstress, Gloucestershire Westbury

Margaret Williams 26, daughter unmarried, dress maker, Gloucestershire Westbury

Edward Gray 33, lodger unmarried, coachman, Somerset Temple Cloud

CENSUS 1871.

Eastfield Inn

Elizabeth Williams 46, head widow, grocer & beer retailer, Gloucestershire Henbury

Elizabeth Williams 20, daughter unmarried, assistant grocer & beer retailer, Gloucestershire Clifton

Sarah Williams 19, daughter unmarried, pupil teacher, Somerset Ashton

William Williams 18, son unmarried, carpenter, Somerset Ashton

Harriett Williams 16, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Westbury

Augusta Williams 14, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Westbury

Frederick Williams 13, son scholar, Gloucestershire Westbury

Mary Strong 45, sister unmarried, formerly laundress, Gloucesteshire Henbury

CENSUS 1881.

Elizabeth Williams 57, head widow, beer retailer & grocer, Gloucestershire Henbury

Elizabeth Williams 35, daughter unmarried, assistant to parent, Bristol

Augusta Williams 24, daughter unmaried, assistant to parent, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym

Frederick Williams 23, son unmarried, carpenter, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym

Mary Strong 56, sister unmarried, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1891.

Elizabeth Williams 67, head widow, publican & grocer, Gloucestershire Henbury

Elizabeth Williams 40, daughter single, assists in business, Gloucesteshire Clifton

Harriett Williams 36, daughter single, school mistress, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym

Augusta Williams 34, daughter single, assists in business, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym

Frederick Williams 33, son single, builder &c, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym

CENSUS 1901.

Frederick Williams 43, head single, carpenter & publican, Westbury on Trym Gloucestershire

Elizabeth Williams 50, sister single, grocer, Clifton Bristol

Augusta Williams 44, sister single, grocer, Westbury on Trym Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1911.

Frederick Williams 53, head single, carpenter, Westbury on Trym Bristol

Mary Strong 87, aunt single, no occupation, Hallen Gloucestershire

Elizabeth Williams 60, sister single, assists in business (Eastfield Inn), Clifton Bristol

Augusta Williams 54, sister single, assists in business (Eastfield Inn), Westbury on Trym Bristol

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1861. Margaret Williams

1862 to 1870. William Williams

1870 - 97. Elizabeth Williams

1900 - 25. Frederick Williams

1928 - 37. Frederick Verge

1938. Lionel Verge

1944 - 56. Frederick C. Waymouth

1960. A. L. Barrett

1975. Mrs. M. C. Barrett

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