CORNUBIA Temple Street

Rabbit Warren
1853 - 54. Simeon Pearce

1859 - 63. James Ferris
1863 - 78. James Ferris jnr.
1881. William London
1882 to 1885. William Marshall
1886 - 88. Charles Eyles
1890 - 93. Philip White
1895. Fred Yeoman
1896 to 1900. Charles Dunn
1901 - 03. Harriett Dunn
1905 - 13. William Mudge
1916 - 24. Ann Mudge
1927 - 53. Thomas Bawn
1960. W. Barrett
1975. Mrs. E. Barrett

In 1851 this house was occupied by a fishmonger named William Gray

Simeon Pearce was a rabbit and game dealer, and beer retailer.

The Cornubia (which is the Latin name for Cornwall) was possibly named after the S.S. Cornubia, a paddle steamer which plyed its trade between Hayle and Bristol in the late 1850’s, a pub in Hayle bears the same name.

CENSUS 1861.
James Ferris 60, head widower, watchman, Somerset Taunton
John Ferris 36, son unmarried, engine smith, Gloucestershire Charfield
Ann Ferris 31, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Charfield
Eliza Ferris 29, daughter unmarried, dress maker, Bristol
Henry Voisey 25, lodger unmarried, house servant, Devon Exeter

CENSUS 1871.

Cornubia Arms
James Ferris 45, head unmarried, smith at a factory, Gloucestershire Charfield
Ann Ferris 39, sister unmarried, house keeper, Gloucestershire Charfield
Eliza Ferris 36, sister unmarried, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
William London 27, head married, fireman on Great Western Railway, Somerset Congresbury
Maria London 26, wife married, Bristol
Francis W. London 9 months, son, Bristol
Alice London 18, niece unmarried, general domestic servant, Somerset Congresbury

CENSUS 1891.
Philip White 29, head married, beer retailer, London
Eliza White 38, wife married, Somerset Radstock

CENSUS 1901.
Harriett Dunn 42, head widow, beer retailer, Bristol Temple
Beatrice Lord 41, boarder single, stay maker, Bristol
Alice Rolls 16, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol Temple

CENSUS 1911.
William Mudge 54, husband married, licensee, Exeter
Annie Mudge 55, wife married, household duties, Bromsgrove

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