CENSUS 1881.

Josiah Bell 54, head married, miller & outdoor license for beer, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Eliza Bell 50, wife married, Langford Somerset

Juliaetta Bell 17, daughter unmarried, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Eliza Jane 14, daughter, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Frederick John Bell 11, son, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Edwin Bell 10, son, Stapleton Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1891.

Old Mill Public House

John Daniel Dyke 28, head married, publican & letter carrier, Gloucestershire Bristol

Ada Dyke 28, wife married, Hampshire Portsmouth

Thomas T. Dyke 4, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Winifred M. Dyke 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton

John G. Dyke 11 months, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Florence Tollerfield 24, sister in law single, Hampshire Portsmouth

CENSUS 1901.

Beaufort Arms

John Dyke 38, head married, postman, Bristol

Adelaide Dyke 39, wife married, Portsea Hampshire

Thomas Dyke 14, son, oil & colour nerchant’s clerk, Stapleton Bristol

Winifred Dyke 12, daughter, Stapleton Bristol

John G. Dyke 10, son, Stapleton Bristol

Florence Tollerfield 35, sister in law single, Portsea Hampshire

CENSUS 1911.

Beaufort Arms

William Henry Tiley 39, head married, house painter, Stapleton

Alice Tiley 34, wife married, St,George

Alice Ruby Tiley 10, daughter school, Winterbourne

William Cecil Tiley 8, son, Mangotsfield

Raymond Claude Tiley 5, son, Bristol

Albert Royston Tiley 2, son, Bristol

Susan Neale 82, mother in law widow, Withycombe


off license

1881 - 88. Josiah Bell

1891 - 1903. John Daniel Dyke

1905 - 37. William Henry Tiley

1943 - 50. Harry Short

Throughout the 1860s & 70s Josiah Bell’s occupation was ‘miller’ there is no mention of him being a beer retailer during this period

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