STAR  Fishponds Road

1852 to 1880. Charles King

1881 to 1892. Charles George King

1892 to 1897. Florence Augusta King

1897 - 1909. Arthur Griffin

1911 - 25. Jane Olive King

1928 - 56. Jane Olive Kitley

Originally two houses which were knocked in to one during the 1880s. The extension to the front was added in 1906.

CENSUS 1861.

Charles King 40, head widower, stone mason & retailer of beer, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Fanny King 7, daughter scholar, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Charles King 4, son scholar, Stapleton Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1871.

Charles King 50, head married, mason & beer retailer, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Elizabeth King 52, wife married, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Fanny King 17, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Charles King 14, son, mason, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Lionel King 8, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

CENSUS 1881.

Charles George King 24, head married, mason & beer retailer, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Florence A. King 26, wife married, Somerset Keynsham

Fanny King 26, sister unmarried, formerly laundress, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Lionel King 18, brother unmarried, carpenter, Gloucestershire Stapleton

CENSUS 1891.

Charles George King 34, head married, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Florence Augusta King 36, wife married, Somerset Keynsham

Olive Jane King 8, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

William Jack King 5, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Henry James 3, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Frank George King 2, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Arthur James Pace 15, visitor, Somerset Bristol

Lilley Harvey Gregory 21, niece single, Somerset Keynsham

CENSUS 1901.

Arthur Griffin 34, head maried, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Frocester

Florence Griffin 44, wife married, Somerset Keynsham

Olive King 18, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol Fishponds

Jack King 15, son single, apprentice to plumbing & gas fitting, Bristol Fishponds

Henry Jim King 13, son, Bristol Fishponds

Frank George King 11, son, Bristol Fishponds

Mary Harriett King 8, daughter, Bristol Fishponds

CENSUS 1911.

Jane Olive King 26, head single, beerhouse keeper, Bristol Stapleton

William Jack King 24, brother single, plumber, Bristol Stapleton

Frank George King 21, brother single, assisting in managing beerhouse ( barman), Bristol Stapleton

Mary Harriett King 18, sister single, assisting in managing beerhouse ( barmaid), Bristol Stapleton

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