CENSUS 1841.

James Burgess 20, baker, born in county

Amelia Burgess 21, born in county

Stephen Burgess 1, born in county

CENSUS 1851.

James Burgess 30, head married, baker, Somerset Froome

Amelia Burgess 32, wife married, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Stephen Burgess 10, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Robert Burgess 1, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Fanny Burgess 4 months, daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton

CENSUS 1861.

James Burgess 43, head married, beer house keeper, Somerset Frome

Amelia Burgess 41, wife married, Gloucestershire Bristol

Stephen Burgess 20, son unmarried, stone mason, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Robert Burgess 11, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Fanny Burgess 9, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Sophia Burgess 6, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Pet Burgess 4, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

John Burgess 3, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

CENSUS 1871.

James Burgess 51, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Hanham

Amelia Burgess 50, wife married, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Robert Burgess 21, son unmarried, stone mason, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Fanny Burgess 19, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Sophia H. Burgess 15, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Stapleton

John Burgess 12, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton

CENSUS 1881.

James Burgess 64, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bitton

Amelia Burgess 62, wife married, Gloucestershire Bristol

Robert Burgess 31, son widower, stone mason, Gloucestershire Stapleton

John Burgess 21, son unmarried, shoe maker, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Eliza Jones 17, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Winterbourne

CENSUS 1891.

Abraham Smith 48, head married, licensed victualler, St.George Gloucestershire

Sophia Smith 37, wife married, Fishponds Gloucestershire

Florence Smith 15, daughter single, barmaid, Fishponds Gloucestershire

Amelia Smith 12, daughter scholar, Fishponds Gloucestershire

Emma Smith 10, daughter scholar, Fishponds Gloucestershire

Samuel Smith 9, son scholar, Fishponds Gloucestershire

James Burgess 76, father in law widower, retired licensed victualler, Fishponds Gloucestershire

Ellen Burgess 10, niece scholar, Swansea

Rose Burgess 23, servant single, domestic servant, Fishponds Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1901.

Frederick John Buck 60, head married, licensed victualler, London Westminster

Elizabeth Buck 56, wife married, London Westminster

Winnie Hicks 20, servant single, barmaid, Oxfordshire Hethe

Ellen Bishop 20, servant single, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Winterbourne

CENSUS 1911.

Gilbert F. Leonard 36, head widower, licensed victualler, City & County of Bristol

Eileen M. Leonard 9, daughter, City & County of Bristol

Vera M. Leonard 8, daughter, City & County of Bristol

Marie H. Leonard 6, daughter, City & County of Bristol

Mary L. Stone 41, servant single, domestic house keeper, City & County of Bristol

Florence J. Hutton 19, geneal domestic servant, Gloucestershire Frenchay

CROSS HANDS Staple Hill Road

1841 - 87. James Burgess

1891 - 96. Abraham Henry Smith

1898 - 1903. Frederick John Buck

1905. Elizabeth Buck

1908 - 20. Gilbert Leonard

1924. Walter Carter

1927. Augustus James Slocombe

1930 - 50. Benjamin Iles
1956. Edward Stone

1960. T. E. Stephens

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