1870 to 1878. James Hooper

1878 to 1883. Thomas Moore

1884 to 1889. James Harvey

1890 to 1892. Elizabeth Hooper

1893 - 97. Henry George Hoare

1900 - 01. Horace Wilde

1904 - 09. George Webb

1911 - 21. Mary Ann Webb

1925 - 28. Henry Oaten

1931 - 53. Louisa Woodland

1975. Miss Woodward

CENSUS 1871.

Volunteer beer house

James Hooper 34, head married, potter, Bristol St.Mary Redcliff

Eliza Hooper 32, wife married, tobacco pipe maker, Bristol St. Philip’s

Eliza Hooper 9, daughter scholar, Bristol St. Philip’s

Alfred Hooper 3, son scholar, Bristol St. Philip’s

Rose E. Hooper 1, daughter, Bristol St. Philip’s

George Sweet 20, boarder unmarried, butcher, Bristol St. Philip’s

CENSUS 1881.

Thomas C. Moore 23, head married, carpenter, Bristol

Kate Moore 23, wife married, Bristol

Thomas Moore 2, son, Bristol

William Moore 6 months, Bristol

Elizabeth Britain 14, general servant, Bristol

Charlotte Bailey 22, visitor unmarried, Bristol

Alfred Moore 26, boarder unmarried, general labourer, Bristol

Alexander Reed 45, boarder widower, general labourer, Scotland

Walter Reed 15, boarder, general labourer, Scotland

John Reed 12, boarder scholar, Scotland

CENSUS 1891.

Eliza Hooper 52, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol

Alfred Hooper 23, son married, labourer at timber yard, Bristol

Mary Hooper 17, daughter single, french polisher, Bristol

William Hooper 15, son, labourer at soap works, Bristol

James Hooper 11, son scholar, Bristol

Rose Hooper 9, daughter scholar, Bristol

Emily Hooper 3, daughter, Bristol

James Randall 18, lodger single, labourer at soap works, Bristol

Frederick Randall 15, lodger, labourer at soap works, Bristol

George Randall 14, lodger, labourer at soap works, Bristol

Thomas Lewis 34, lodger single, haulier, Bristol

Mary A. Randall 80, lodger widow, no occupation, Bristol

William Mondy 19, lodger single, labourer at brass foundry, Bristol

Walter Randall 9, lodger scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.

Horace Wild 51, head married, beer retailer, Surrey London

Alice Wild 40, wife married, Bristol

Horace Wild 6, son, Devon Plymouth

Mary McKansit 40, visitor widow, independent, Bristol

Julia Parker 44, boarder widow, laundress, Devon Plymouth

CENSUS 1911.

Mary Ann Webb 44, head widow, beer house keeper, Bristol

Ellen Rosina Webb 18, daughter single, tailoress at factory, Bristol

George Lane Webb 10, son school, Bristol

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