CENSUS 1851.

John Kinrade 47, head widower, victualler, Isle of Man

Margaret Kinrade 16, daughter unmarried, Bristol

Mary Ann Kinrade 10, daughter, Bristol

Henry James Kinrade 8, son, Bristol

Christian Kinrade 42, visitor cousin unmarried, occupation unknown, Isle of Man

Elizabeth Brain 25, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1861.

William Batt 27, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol

Elizabeth Batt 28, wife married, Bristol

William Batt 7, son scholar, Bristol

Charles Batt 5, son scholar, London Surrey

Eliza White 18, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Thomas Joiner 17, servant unmarried, labourer, Bristol

Joseph England 41, visitor widow, tailor, Gloucestershire Dyrham

CENSUS 1871.

Stapleton Road Spirit Vaults

Andrew Brown 50, head married, licensed victualler, London

Matilda Brown 51, wife married, licensed victualler’s wife, Bristol

Emily Cox 27, daughter married, licensed victualler’s daughter, Bristol

George Brown 19, son unmarried, licensed victualler’s son, Bristol

Laura Brown 16, daughter unmarried, victualler’s daughter, Bristol

Walter Cox 8, visitor scholar, Bristol

Mabel Cox 3, visitor scholar, Bristol

Amy Russell 3, granddaughter scholar, Bristol

Emma Coke 26, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Worcestershire Evesham

CENSUS 1881.

Joseph Drew 50, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol

Mary Ann Drew 50, wife married, Bristol

Harriet Phillips 32, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.

Ann R. Smith 65, head widow, licensed victualler, South Wales St.Albans

Ann J. Meecham 31, daughter, South Wales Llantwitt

W. B. Andrew 26, wife, barmaid, Cornwall Falmouth

Jane Thomas 31, servant single, domestic servant, South Wales Cowbridge

Ceciia Richards 29, boarder single, dressmaker, Great Yarmouth

CENSUS 1901.

Frederick G. Milton 26, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol

Winifred K. Milton 24, wife married, Gloucestershire Winterbourne

Winifred K. Milton 1, daughter, Bristol

Alice Randall 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Somerset Bath

CENSUS 1911.

Olivia Hooper Couzins 54, head widow, licensee, Bradford on Avon Wiltshire

William Henry Couzins 28, son single, helps at home, Bristol

Mary E. Amesbury 25, servant single, helps in bar, Nailsea Somerset

Mabel Pearce 22, servant single, general servant, Bristol


Stapleton Road

1851 - 54. John Kinrade

1856 - 60. John Nicholls

1861. William Batt

1863. Thomas Tuckfield

1865. John Manfield

1868 - 72. Andrew Brown

1874. Matilda Brown

1875 - 78. Sophia Cox

1879 - 81. Joseph Drew

1883 - 86. Thomas Bowyer

1888. William Richard Nicholas

1889 - 94. Ann Rebecca Smith

1896 - 99. Frederick Lloyd

1901 - 06. Frederick G. Milton

1909. Edwin Bence

1911 - 17. Olivia Couzins

1921 - 53. Frederick Haskins

1975. T. Harding

John Kinrade was previously at the Cork Tavern on Broad Quay

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