CENSUS 1851.

Henry R. Boyer 34, head married, grocer &c, Lincolnshire Dalderby

Martha Boyer 34, wife married, Middlesex

Samuel Baker 59, lodger widower, accountant, Bristol

CENSUS 1861.

Henry Robert Boyer 45, grocer, Lincolnshire Dalderby

Martha Boyer 46, wife married, Middlesex Harrow on the Hill

Samuel Baker 68, lodger widower, retired clerk to tea dealer, Bristol St.Nicholas

CENSUS 1881.

John Feltham 36, head married, grocer haulier (shop), Wincanton Somerset

Elizabeth Feltham 40, wife married, Bickleigh Devon

Frederick Feltham 9, son, Bristol Gloucestershire

Florence Feltham 7, daughter, Bristol Gloucestershire

Joseph Feltham 1, son, Bristol Gloucestershire

Albert Feltham 5 months, son, Bristol Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1891.

Zachariah Hampton 42, head married, beer retailer & grocer, Bristol St.Simon’s

Mary J. Hampton 36, wife married, grocer, Bristol St.Michael’s

Florence A. Hampton 12, daughter scholar, Bristol St.James’s

Harry Hampton 10, son scholar, Bristol St.Paul’s

Alice Hampton 9, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Simon’s

Amy Hampton 4, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Simon’s

CENSUS 1901.

Charles Clutsom 26, head married, grocer & beer house, Bristol

Ada R. Clutsom 27, wife married, Bristol

Ada R. Clutsom 5, daughter, Bristol

Charles W. Clutsom  4, son, Bristol

Stanley Clutsom 1, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

Charles Clutsom 36, head married, mineral water salesman, Bristol

Ada Rosina Clutsom 37, wife married, Bristol

Ada Rosina Clutsom 15, daughter single, clothing factory worker, Bristol

Charles W. Clutsom 14, son school, Bristol

Stanley Clutsom 11, son school, Bristol

Dorothy Clutsom 8, daughter, Bristol

Leonard C. Clutsom 5, son, Bristol

Grace Clutsom 3, daughter, Bristol

Ivy K. Clutsom 2, daughter, Bristol

Chatterton Square

off licence

1851 - 61. Henry Boyer

1881. John Feltham

1887. James Lennon

1888 - 94. Mary Jane Hampton

1895. Mary Jane Bailey

1896. Emma Bailey

1900 - 11. Charles Clutsom

1913. Mary Smith

1927. Elizabeth E. Todd

1930 - 34. Ernest Scragg

1936 - 37. Robert Lloyd Davies

1943. Stewart K. Milne

1950. Florence Crook

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