CENSUS 1871.

Builders’ Arms

Alfred Woodcock 31, head married, cordwainer, Rutand Uppingham

Harriett Woodcock 33, wife married, Gloucestershire St.George

CENSUS 1881.

New Found Out

George Snow 29, head married, railway porter, Devon Knowstone

Elizabeth N. Snow 29, wife married, Somerset Bath

Edith Snow 5, daughter scholar, Somerset Bristol

Florence Snow 2, daughter, Somerset Bristol

George Snow 3 months, son, Somerset Bristol

Emily N. Buck 17, sister in law unmarried, dressmaker, Somerset Bath

CENSUS 1891.

William Gore 50, head married, beer house keeper, Bristol St.Philip’s

Mary Gore 49, wife married, Bristol St.Philip’s

CENSUS 1901.

Thomas Harrison 26, head married, publican, Lincolnshire Gainsborough

Florence Harrison 26, wife married, Warwickshire Birmingham

Mary Ryland 52, mother in law widow, Worcester

Louisa Ford 40, visitor widow, Bristol

Louisa Ford 18, visitor single, Bristol

Dorothy Ford 13, visitor, Bristol

Gladys Ford 9, visitor, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

Frederick Churchill 42, head married, licensee beer house, Clifton Bristol

Susan Churchill 40, wife married, help in beer house, Cardiff South Wales

Frederick Churchill 17, son single, cardboard box cutter at printer’s, Lawrence Hill Bristol

Edyth Churchill 17, daughter single, gold & silver cleaner at jeweller’s, Lawrence Hill Bristol

Ethel Churchill 15, daughter single, hat trimmer at hatter’s shop, Lawrence Hill Bristol

NEW FOUND OUT Green Street

Originally the Builders’ Arms

1871 to 1874. Frederick Woodcock

New Found Out

1875 to 1878. Frederick Woodcock

1879. Benjamin Hooper

1881 - 87. George Snow

1888. Robert Thomas

1889 to 1891. John Hiram

1891. William Davis

1891 - 94. William Gore

1899 - 1901. Miss. M. Leader

1901. Thomas Harrison

1904. Mary Rowsell

1906. John Edmund Knight

1909 - 37. Frederick Churchill

1938. Susan Churchill

1944. Frederick Groves

1950 - 60. William Seager

1975. Z. Da-Scossa

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