CENSUS 1851.
William Hall 45, head married, victualler, Hertfordshire St.Alban’s
Ann Hall 55, wife married, Shropshire Dawley
Ann Hall 20, daughter unmarried, Hertfordshire St.Alban’s
William Hall 18, son unmarried, Surrey Kingston
Sarah Wyatt 21, servant unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Frenchay

CENSUS 1861.
James Hatherly 49, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emily A. Hatherly 39, wife married, Bristol
James Hatherly 8, son scholar, Bristol Clifton
Emily A. Hatherly 6, daughter scholar, Bristol Clifton
Charles Hatherly 4, son, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Laura Hatherly 2, daughter, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Anne Topp 60, mother in law widow, Bristol
John Lake 20, servant unmarried, ostler, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Hannah Davis 22, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Bedminster

CENSUS 1871.
George Newton 27, head married, licensed victualler, Shirehampton Westbury on Trym
Elizabeth Newton 41, wife married, Newport Monmouthshire
Alice Lane 15, daughter in law scholar, Hotwells Bristol
Thomas J. Lane 10, son in law scholar, Hotwells Bristol
Ellen Lane 8, daughter in law scholar, Hotwells Bristol
William Waters 74, father in law widower, retired master mariner, Chepstow Monmouthshire
Henry Quant 63, lodger widower, Chelsea Pensioner & labourer, Halberton Devon

CENSUS 1881.
Samuel Cox 36, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Yate
Alice Cox 25, wife married, Gloucestershie Westbury on Trym
Selina Caines 19, servant unmarried, general servant, Dorset Weymouth
Henry Quant 72, lodger widower, labourer, Devon Halberton

CENSUS 1891.
Samuel Cox 46, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Yate
Alice Cox 35, wife married, Gloucestershire Henbury
Artthur Cox 9, son, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
John Cox 6, son, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Elizabeth Cox 4, daughter, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
John Barnard 66, father in law married, living on his own means, Bristol
Elizabeth Barnard 70, mother in law married, Gloucestershire Henbury
Sophia Millard 13, servant, general domestic servant, Wiltshire Melksham

CENSUS 1901.
Alice Cox 45, head widow, hotel keeper, Gloucestershire Henbury
John W, Cox 16, son unmarried, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Elizabeth A. Cox 14, daughter, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Samuel A. Cox 9, son, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Walter S. Cox 7, son, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Francis M. Cox 4, daughter, Gloucestershire Shirehampton
Ernest F. Cox 2, son, Gloucestershire Shirehampton

CENSUS 1911.
Edwin Peacock 48, head married, licensed victualler, Parish of St.George Bristol
Emily Jane Peacock 48, wife married, Parish of St.George Bristol
William Hardyton Peacock 23, son single, assistant in business, Parish of St.George Bristol
Dora Mabel Peacock 21, daughter single, Parish of St.George Bristol
Catherine Milicent Peacock 13, daughter school, Parish of St.George Bristol
Blanche Ellen Hile 30, servant single, Shirehampton Bristol


1768. Joseph Swetman
1769. Ann Chadwell
1774. William Baker
1820 - 26. Philip Weeks jnr
1828 - 30. David Jones
1844. Stephen Wellington
1851. William Hall
1853. John Wintle
1856. George Painter
1857 - 65. James Hatherley
1870 - 71. George Newton
1879. Alfred Dowswell
1881 - 1900. Samuel Cox
1901. Alice Cox
1903 - 28. Edwin Peacock
1931 - 38. George Bird
1944 - 53. John Hookway Walter
1960. W. B. Price
1975. R. C. Burgess (manager)

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