CENSUS 1851.

Richard Newick 31, head married, victualler & glass maker, Bristol Redcliff

Elizabeth Newick 30, wife married, Somerset Brislington

Sarah Jane Newick 14, daughter scholar, Bristol Bedminster

Elizabeth Newick 12, daughter scholar, Bristol Redcliff

Samuel Newick 10, son scholar, Bristol Bedminster

Amelia Newick 2, daughter, Bristol Redcliff

William Newick 8 months, son, Bristol Bedminster

John Vowles 71, visitor married, agricultural labourer, Somerset Dundry

CENSUS 1861.

George Inn

George Cox 36, head married, late brass founder, Bristol

Catherine Cox 30, wife married, Bristol

Joseph Cox 7, son scholar, Bristol

George Cox 5, son scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1871.

George inn

Lawrence Cotter 57, head married, labourer, Ireland Cork

Mary Cotter 55, wife married, labourer’s wife, Ireland Cork

Margaret Cotter 24, daughter in law married, Ireland Cork

Michael Cotter 22, son married, licensed victualler, Ireland Cork

Martin Condin 30, lodger unmarried, cattle dealer, Ireland Cork

John Murphy 29, lodger unmarried, cattle dealer, Ireland Cork

Timothy Murphy 25, lodger unmarried, cattle dealer, Ireland Cork

Deny Meany 40, lodger unmarried, cattle dealer, Ireland Cork

John Sweeny 24, lodger unmarried, labourer, Ireland Cork

Hannah Summers 30, servant unmarried, servant, Somerst Bristol

CENSUS 1981.

Margaret Cotter 32, head widow, publican, Ireland County Cork

Lawrence Cotter 9, son scholar, Somerset Bedminster

Mary A. Cotter 6, daughter scholar, Somerset Bedminster

Norah Cotter 5, daughter scholar, Somerset Bedminster

Ellen Hemming 19, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Ireland County Cork

CENSUS 1891.

Walter Purnell 26, head married, inn keeper & merchant’s clerk, Somerset Bristol

Mary Ann Purnell 28, wife married, assists in public business, Monmouthshire Blaenavon

Julia Jolly 19, servant single, barmaid, Staffordshire Haverhill

CENSUS 1901.

George E. Driver 34, head married, licensed victualler, Middlesex Hounslow

Agnes S. Driver 28, wife married, Leeds Yorkshire

Edward Sherman 54, servant married, licensed victualler’s porter, Colchester Essex

Albert J. Daniels 16, servant single, errand boy, Wiltshire

Laura F. Slade 18, servant single, domestic servant, Liverpool Lancashire

CENSUS 1911.

Arthur Emmanuel Clark 37, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol

Amelia Clark 36, wife married, assisting in the business, Caerwent Monmouthshire

Norman Alfred Clark 9, son scholar, Bristol

Ethel Leek 23, servant single, domestic (housemaid), Gloucester

John Lemon 17 single, assisting in the business, Bristol


1851 - 53. Richard Newick

1856. Thomas Plummer

1861 - 63. George Cox

1871 - 78. Michael Cotter

1879 - 86. Margaret Cotter

1888. Philip Foxwell

1891 - 97. Walter Purnell

1899 - 1904. George Driver

1911 - 31. Alfred Clark

1934 - 38. Amelia Clark

1941 - 44. May Clark

1950 - 60. George H. J. Hill

1975. M. S. Gerrish

The tenancy of May Clark commenced on the 25th of August 1941, the rent was £100 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited

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