CENSUS 1851.

No.21 Prince’s Street
William Prosser 41, head married, carpenter employing 2 men, Herefordshire Kentchurch
Elizabeth Prosser 50, wife married, carpenter’s wife, Devon Cullompton
Ellen Prosser 15, daughter unmarried, dressmaker’s apprentice, Bristol St.Michael’s
William Henry Prosser 10, carpenter’s son, scholar, Bristol Bedminster
George Oliver Bussley 32, lodger unmarried, solicitor’s general clerk, Bristol St.Augustine
William Harwood 22, lodger unmarried, porter at Great Western Railway, Bristol Bedminster
Annie Fetherby 16, servant unmarried, household servant, Berkshire Farringdon

CENSUS 1861.

No.21 Prince’s Street
William Prosser 51, head married, builder &c, Monmouth Wales
Elizabeth Prosser 63, wife married, Cullompton Devon
William Prosser 20, son unmarried, carpenter, Bristol

CENSUS 1871.

No.21 Prince’s Street, the Dove
Elizabeth Herniman 53, head widow, shop & beer house keeper, Devon Lynton
Eliza Whatwell 15, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Bedminster
Ann Bull 50, lodger widow, nurse, Somerset Bedminster
Mary A. Lake 60, lodger widow, nurse, Pembrokeshire Fishguard

CENSUS 1881.

No.33 Princess Street, Dove
Edwin Westaway 27, head married, silversmith, Somerset Bedminster
Elizabeth Westaway 23, wife married, Somerset Bedminster
Edwin Westaway 1 month, son, Somerset Bedminster
Thomas Westaway 29, brother unmarried, sailmaker, Somerset bedminster
Annie Westaway 20, sister in law unmarried, servant, Gloucestershire Bristol
Elizabeth Herniman 63, boarder widow, Devon Lynton

CENSUS 1891.

No.33 Princess Street, Public house (Dove)
Alfred J. Turner 26, head married,  mason, Abbott’s Leigh Somerset
Ellen Turner 28, wife married, Westport Somerset
Maud S. Turner 4, daughter, Bedminster Somerset
Lillian A. Turner 3, daughter, Bedminster Somerset
Stephen A. Turner 1, son, Bedminster Somerset
Alfred J. Turner 2 months, son, Bedminster Somerset
Harriet Rowe 16, step sister, domestic, Bedminster Somerset

CENSUS 1901.

Beer House
Alfred Turner 36, head married, stone mason, Somerset Leigh
Ellen Turner 38, wife married, Somerset Westport
Maud Turner 14, daughter, assists mother at home, Bristol
Lilian Turner 12, daughter Scholar, Bristol
Stephen Turner 11, son scholar, Bristol
Alfred Turner 10, son scholar, Bristol
Ellen Turner 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Edith Turner 6, daughter scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Lilian Ann Turner 23, head single, cardboard box maker at colour printers, Somerset Bristol
Edith May Turner 16, sister single, general housemaid, Somerset Bristol
Stephen Alfred Turner 21, brother single, clerk at shipping office, Somerset Bristol

Census form filled out by Stephen Alfred Turner on behalf of Alfred J. Turner

DOVE Princess Street

1848 - 60. William Prosser
1863. Elizabeth Prosser
1865 - 66. William Prosser
1867 to 1868. William Prosser
            & Elizabeth Herniman
1871 - 77. Elizabeth Herniman
1878 to 1881. Mary Dashfield
1881 - 89. Edwin Westaway
1891 - 1925. Alfred Turner
1928. Alfred Turner junior

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