CENSUS 1871.

George Winstone Broad 33, head married, painter & beer retailer, Bristol Temple

Maria Broad 30, wife married, Monmouthshire Penalt

Elijah J. S. Broad 8, son, Bristol Bedminster

Albert Broad 8, son, Bristol Bedminster

George William Broad 1, son, Bristol Bedminster

Elizabeth Collins 11, servant, Bristol Bedminster

CENSUS 1881.

Mary E. Besley 51, head widow, publican, Devon Exeter

Elizabeth Besley 23, daughter unmarried, milliner, Devon Exeter

Charles Besley 11, son scholar, Devon Exeter

CENSUS 1891.

Joseph Colenso 36, head married, shoe maker & licensed victualler, Bristol St.James’

Matilda Colenso 35, wife married, Bristol St.James’

Joseph Collenso 14, son, printer, Bristol St.James’

Anne Colenso 3, daughter scholar, Bristol St.James’

Mabel Colenso 2, daughter, Bristol St.James’

Rose Smith 15, servant, general domestic servant, Bristol St.Philip’s

CENSUS 1901.

No.27 Philip Street

Joseph Colenso 46, head married, boot maker, Bristol

Fanny Colenso 45, wife married, Bristol

Edith Colenso 22, daughter single, tailoress, Bristol

Annie Colenso 14, daughter, Bristol

Mabel Colenso 11, daughter, Bristol

Henry Colenso 9, son, Bristol

Arthur Colenso 5, son, Bristol

Arthur Knight 32, lodger single, boot & shoe maker, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

No.27 Philip Street

Charles Uriah Baker 41, head married, coal miner (hewer), Bristol Bedminster

Charlotte Baker 40, wife married, housekeeper, Somerset Wellington

Florence Baker 20, daughter single, packer at tobacco factory, Bristol Bedminster

Milley Baker 15, daughter school, Bristol Bedminster

Edward Baker 11, son school, Bristol Bedminster

Rosey Baker 8, daughter school, Bristol Bedminster

Ivy Baker 6, daughter school, Bristol Bedminster

William Baker 4, son school, Bristol Bedminster

Gladys Baker 1, daughter, Bristol Bedminster


1870 to 1876. George Winstone Broad

1877 to 1878. H. Palmer

1879 to 1880. Tom Bryant

1881 to 1887. Mary Besley

1888 to 1889. Edwin De Bank

1890 to 1904. Joseph Colenso

1905 - 09. Henry Harvey

1911 - 14. Charles Uriah Baker

1917. Frank Collett

1921. Clara Glanville

1925. Frederick Pullen

1928. John Nash

1931 - 38. Ann Selina Nash

1944 - 53. Leonard King
1955. Elizabeth Creedy

the Maltsters’ Arms was later named the Apple Tree.

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