CENSUS 1891.
Page Stedman 44, head married, grocer, Radnorshire
Mary Stedman 42, wife married, Bristol
William Stedman 40, brother single, carter, Radnorshire
William R. Stedman 17, son single, grocer’s assistant, Bristol
Charles Stedman 15, son, grocer’s assistant, Bristol
Kezia Stedman 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
May Stedman 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Walter Stedman 4, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
Page Steadman 54, head married, grocer-shop keeper, Radnorshire Pillith
Mary Steadman 54, wife married, Bristol
Charles Steadman 25, son single, grocer’s assistant, Bristol
Walter Steadman 14, son, errand boy, Bristol
Kezia Steadman 19, daughter single, grocer’s clerk, Bristol
May Steadman 18, daughter single, grocer’s assistant, Bristol
William Steadman 50, brother single, brewer’s drayman, Radnorshire Pillith

CENSUS 1911.
Page Steadman 65, head married, grocer, Radnorshire Pillith
Mary Steadman 64, wife married, Bristol
Walter Steadman 25, son single, tailor’s cutter, Bristol

off license

1888 - 1911. Page Steadman
1928 - 35. Mrs. Mary Steadman
1938 - 50. Charles Steadman

Page Steadman was born in Radnorshire, this probably explains why a directory of 1904 lists this shop as the Radnor Arms. The Steadman family can be found in Bloy Street on the 1881 census where Page Steadman’s occupation is given as ‘warehouseman’

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