CENSUS 1841.
Joseph Salter 25, beer house keeper, not born in county
Hannah Salter 25, not born in county
Eliza Salter 3 months, born in county
Thomas Hobby 45, agricultural labourer, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Joseph Salter 36, head married, beer house keeper, Somerset Gongresbury
Hannah Salter 36, head married, Somerset Gongresbury
Eliza Salter 10, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Horfield
John Salter 8, son scholar, Gloucestershire Horfield
William Salter 5, son scholar, Gloucestershire Horfield
Francis Salter 3, son scholar, Gloucestershire Horfield

CENSUS 1861.
Hannah Salter 50, head widow, shopkeeper, Somerset Congresbury
Eliza Salter 20, daughter unmarried, assistant to mother, Gloucestershire Horfield
John Salter 18, son unmarried, apprentice to carpenter, Gloucestershire Horfield
Francis Salter 15, son scholar, Gloucestershire Horfield

CENSUS 1871.
Eliza Salter 30, head unmarried, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Horfield
John Salter 28, brother unmarried, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Horfield
At the time of the census Hannah Salter was living with her sister Ann Wakefield in Bedminster

CENSUS 1881.
Hannah Salter 71, head widow, beer house keeper, Somerset Congresbury
Eliza Salter 40, daughter unmarried, assistant, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Anchor inn
Hannah Salter 80, head widow, inn keeper, Somerset Congresbury
Eliza Salter 50, daughter single, assistant inn keeper, Gloucestershire Horfield

CENSUS 1901.
Edwin Mitchell 49, head married, licensed victualler, Horfield Bristol
Annie Mitchell 50, wife married, Horfield Bristol
Henry Mitchell 26, son single, Horfield Bristol
Florence Mitchell 14, daughter, Horfield Bristol
Charles Philpott 29, visitor married, journeyman baker, Horfield Bristol
Priscilla Philpott 23, visitor married, Horfield Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Daniel Charles Philpott 39, head widower, licensed victualler, Bristol
Reginald Daniel Flower Philpott 9, son school, Bristol
Edward Henry Philpott 30, brother single, lithographic printer, Bristol
Ethel Mirendia Mitchell 25, single, barmaid, Bristol

ANCHOR Gloucester Road

1841 - 58. Joseph Salter
1861 - 94. Hannah Salter
1895 - 1901. Edwin Mitchell
1904 - 44. Daniel Philpott
1950 - 60. Arthur J. Oatway
1975. D. Keats

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