1660. Michael Jaine (died 1672)
1672. Abraham Saunders (died 1690)
1690. John Hawkins
1752. Moses Mills
1792. David Thomas
1800. John Barnes
1806. Joseph Morgan
1816. John Tucker
1820 - 28. William Heath
1830 - 44. George Thorne
1847. Charles Norman
1848. A. Merchant
1849 to 1856. Charles Gregory
1857 - 58. William Morgan
1863. William Hann
1865. William Gough
1866. John Gardner
1867 to 1877. William Torrington
1878. J. Coles
1879. Thomas Cook
1881 - 87. Jacob Clements
1888 to 1896. Charles Burford
1897 - 1901. George Henry Peach
1904. A. H. Beavis
1906. William Deacon
1909. Elizabeth Britton
1914. Joseph Dutchemin
1917. George Jackson
1921. Albert Veal
1925. Benjamin Frost
1928 - 31. Mary Ann Withy
1935. Mary Blatchford
1937 - 53. Rebecca Watkins
1960. John Hayley
late 1950’s to early 1970’s. Bill Sweet
1970 to 1980. Arthur Bishop
1991 to 2003. Sue Whiting
2005 - 2006. Stuart Marshall, Paul Whately & Michael Geraghty
2007. Steve Smith

In its directory of 1976, the Bristol Retail Licensed Trade Association lists J. M. Haley of the Seven Stars as one of its members. Information on 17th and 18th century landlords was provided by Steve Smith; Steve also provided information on John Haley, Arthur Bishop and Sue Whiting, Steve was landlord in 2007.  Information on Bill Sweet was kindly provided by Clive. Information for 2005 and 2006 was provided by Mike Geraghty.

CENSUS 1841.
George Thorne 45, publican, not born in county
Grace Thorne 45, not born in county
Ann Thorne 20, not born in county
Joseph Wakefield 70, hawker, not born in county
Ann Wakefield 60, not born in county
Ann Lovel 60, independent, not born in county

CENSUS 1851.

Charles Gregory 30, head married, victualler, Gloucestershire Henbury
Mary Gregory 36, wife married, Gloucestershire Frampton Cotterell
Daniel Grant 22, lodger unmarried, hatter, Gloucestershire Frampton Cotterell
Elizabeth Tucker 16, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
William Torrington 62, head married, licensed victualler, Devon South Molton
Mary Torrington 47, wife married, Somerset Nether Stowey
Helen Torrington 21, daughter unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
Henry A. Torrington 16, son unmarried, Apprentice shoemaker, Somerset Bedminster
Francis Torrington 15, son, labourer, Somerset Bedminster
Emma Seawell 49, sister in law widow, no occupation, Somerset Nether Stowey
Edward Bryant 14, nephew, labourer, Somerset Nether Stowey
Bessie Coles 12, niece scholar, Bristol St.Mary Redcliff
Sarah Lawton 5, niece scholar, Lancashire Manchester
George Sparks 30, lodger married, labourer, Somerset Taunton

CENSUS 1881.
Jacob Clements 38, head married, publican & unemployed engine fitter, Somerset Keynsham
Mary Ann Clements 44, wife married, Devon
William Clements 11, son scholar, Glamorganshire Dowlais
Hamlet Clements 7, son scholar, Durham Stockton
Arthur Clements 3, son scholar, Durham Stockton
Robert Wells 55, boarder married, printer compositor, Middlesex Shoreditch
Ann Wells 54, boarder married, Middlesex Paddington
Henry Gill 37, boarder married, general dealer, Cornwall Helston
Maria Gill 31, boarder married, Warwickshire Birmingham
Frederic Slade 31, boarder unmarried, butcher, Bristol
Reyan Morse 33, boarder married, painter, Gloucester City
Tom Furze 37, boarder unmarried, accountant, Somerset Bridgwater

CENSUS 1901.
George Henry Peach 29, head single, publican, Cowcombe Dorset
Henry Peach 70, father widower, living on son, Chilton Somerset

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