CENSUS 1841.
William Force 50, brewer, born in county
Edward Force 18, labourer, born in county
Mary Ann Force 50, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
William Forse 60, head married, beer retailer, Devon Collumpton
Sarah Forse 60, wife married, London Holborn

CENSUS 1861.
Sarah Forse 71, head widow, beer retailer, Middlesex London
Sarah Wright 13, niece scholar, Middlesex London

CENSUS 1871.
Spring Gardens
Benjamin Hooper 46, head married, painter, Bristol
Alice Hooper 48, wife married, Bristol
Thomas H. Williams 28, stepson widower, printer, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
John D. Curry 44, head married, printer & compositor, Berwick on Tweed
Elizabeth Curry 39, wife married, Bristol
John H. Curry 16, son, compositor, Bristol
Andrew W. Curry 14, son, clerk, Bristol
Flora E. Curry 10, daughter scholar, Bristol
Robert R. Curry 8, son scholar, Bristol
Jane E. Curry 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
George H. Curry 5, son scholar, Bristol
Isabella Curry 3, daughter scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
John D. Curry 54, head married, beer seller & printer compositor, Berwick on Tweed
Catherine Curry 53, wife married, Bristol
Flora E. Curry 20, daughter single, Bristol
Robert R. Curry 18, son single, clicker’s apprentice, Bristol
Jane E. Curry 16, daughter single, Bristol
George Henry Curry 15, son single, Bristol
Isabella Curry 13, daughter, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
Charles Deverell 49, head married, engine fitter’s labourer, Bristol St.Paul’s
Caroline Deverell 50, wife married, Bristol St.Paul’s
Lillian M. Deverell 23, daughter single, tailoress, Bristol St.Paul’s
Agnes Deverell 21, daughter single, tailoress, Bristol St.Paul’s
Hannah Deverell 18, daughter single, tailoress, Bristol St.Paul’s
Nellie Deverell 13, daughter, Bristol St.Paul’s
Robert Deverell 10, son, Bristol St.Paul’s

CENSUS 1911.
Caroline Devrell 60, head widow, publican, Bristol
Helen Devrell 23, daughter single, assisting in business, Bristol
Eliza A. Abrahams 20, boarder single, assisting in business, Bristol

Newfoundland Road

1832 - 57. William Forse
1858 to 1866. Sarah Forse
1867 to 1868. Thomas Bunting
1871. Alice Williams
1871. Alice Hooper
1874 - 96. John Curry
1899. Miss S. Langley
1900. Alfred Cooper
1901 - 09. Charles Devrell
1911. Caroline Devrell
1914 - 17. Caroline Hurley
1921 - 44. Ellen Burston
1947 - 50. William Allen
1953. William Thompson

affectionately known as ‘The Springer’ a name that was later adopted officially

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