CENSUS 1851.
John Williams 74, head married, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Henbury
Elizabeth Williams 77, wife married, Somerset Backwell
Eliza Bath 37, lodger unmarried, pauper, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1861.
William Hill 28, head married, beer house keeper, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Mary Ann Hill 26, wife married, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1871.
William Hill 37, head married, grocer & publican, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Mary Ann Hill 35, wife married, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1881.
William Hill 49, head married, grocer, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Mary Ann Hill 47, wife married, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1891.
Masons’ Arms
Austin Baker 37, head married, publican, Somersetshire Bath
Mary Baker 30, wife married, Gloucestershire Gloucester
Herbert Baker 11, son scholar, Gloucestershire Lymington
Lucy Baker 9, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Lymington
Ivor Baker 7, son scholar, Somersetshire Bath
George Baker 4, son scholar, Somersetshire Bath

CENSUS 1901.
Austin Baker 48, head married, publican, Bath Kelston Somerset
Mary Baker 38, wife married, Gloucestershire
Ivor Baker 18, son single, farm labourer, Gillingham Kent
George Baker 16, son single, Somerset Bath
Walter Baker 10, son, Gloucestershire Henbury

CENSUS 1911.
George Saunders 45, head married, publican, Crudford Wiltshire
Louisa Saunders 46, wife married, Bristol
Beatrice T. Saunders 18, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol
Dorothy M. Saunders 16, daughter single, house work, Bristol
Irene P.Saunders 12, daughter, Henbury
Frida E. Saunders 8, daughter, Henbury
Edward G. Saunders 6, son, Henbury
Reginald M. Saunders 2, son

Lawrence Weston Road

1851. John Williams
1861 - 86. William Hill
1888. George Powell
1891 - 1901. Austin Baker
1903 - 26. George Saunders
1928. William Boyett
1930 - 46. Frederick Townsend
1946 - 56. Annie Townsend
1972 - 87. Philip R. Rooke

on the 1841 census John Williams’ occupation is recorded as ‘Mason’. The Masons' Arms was demolished December 2010.

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