1851 - 74. Charles Cool
1881 - 88. Joseph Bateman
1891 - 93. David Bissett
1897 - 1901. Albert Phipps
1902. Henry Iles
1903 - 04. Annie Iles
1906 - 11. Albert Painter
1919 - 23. Joseph Johnson
1927 - 31. Ellen Creech
1935 - 37. Walter Jones
1939. William Meredith
1960. Christopher Gartland

CENSUS 1851.
Charles Cool 32, head married, retailer of beer & spirits, Gloucestershire Bitton
Elizabeth Cool 28, wife married, Gloucestershire Bitton
Robert Cool 6, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Emaley Cool 5, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Sophia Cool 6 months, Gloucestershire Hanham
Emma Barnes 22, servant unmarried, domestic duties, Wiltshire Milsom

CENSUS 1861.
Charles Cool 41, head married, inn keeper, Bitton Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Cool 39, wife married, Bitton Gloucestershire
Robert Cool 16, son unmarried, servant, Bitton Gloucestershire
Eamily Cool 15, daughter unmarried, scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire
Sophia Cool 10, daughter scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire
Sarah Ann Cool 3, daughter scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire
John Cool 2, son, Bitton Gloucestershire
Mary Cool 7 months, daughter, Bitton Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Cool 7, daughter scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1871.
Charles Cool 51, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Hanham
Elizabeth Cool 48, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
Sophia Cool 20, daughter unmarried, tailor at home, Gloucestershire Hanham
Elizabeth Cool 18, daughter unmarried, stay maker, Gloucestershire Hanham
Sarah Ann Cool 14, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
John Cool 12, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Mary Cool 10, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Alice Cool 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Ellen Cool 3, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1881.
Joseph Bateman 41, head married, licensed victualler, Bitton Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Bateman 32, wife married, Bitton Gloucestershire
Lily Bateman 13, daughter scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire
Alice Bateman 7, daughter scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire
Simon Bateman 3, son scholar, Bitton Gloucestershire
Gilbert Bateman 1, son, Bitton Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1891.
David Bissett 41, head married, licensed victualler, Scotland
Sarah A. Bissett 41, wife married, Yorkshire Leeds
James Bissett 10, son, Wiltshire Warminster
Lilly Bissett 8, daughter, Wiltshire Warminster
May Bissett 5, daughter, Wiltshire Warminster

CENSUS 1901.
Albert A. Phipps 38, head married, landlord of publc house, Bristol St.George
Ada Phipps 34, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
May Phipps 5, daughter, Gloucestershire Hanham
Marion Phipps 2, daughter, Gloucestershire Hanham
Edna Phipps 20, single, barmaid, Bristol St.George
Alice Bull 29, single, barmaid, Bristol St.George
Jenny Cool 18, servant single, domestic servant, somerset Pensford

CENSUS 1911.
Albert Painter 52, head married, licensed victualler, Hanham Gloucestershire
Kate Painter 42, wife married, Bridgwater Somerset
Ewart Painter 25, son single, Hanham Gloucestershire
Ethel Painter 19, daughter single, Hanham Gloucestershire

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