CENSUS 1851.
William Gillard 43, head married, brightsmith master employing 3 men, and victualler, Somerset Bedminster
Sarah Gillard 40, wife married, Somerset Bedminster
Sarah Ann Gillard 16, daughter unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
William Gillard 13, son scholar national, Somerset Bedminster
John Wheeler Gillard 11, son scholar national, Somerset Bedminster

Joseph Stone Gillard 7, son scholar national, Somerset Bedminster
Elizabeth Larkins 21, servant unmarried, Somerset Axbridge

CENSUS 1861.
William Mitchell 40, head married, victualler, Somerset Ashton
Eliza Mitchell 38, wife married, Bedminster
Hester Mitchell 13, daughter, apprentice dressmaking, Bedminster

Eliza Mitchell 10, daughter scholar, Bedminster
Mary A. Mitchell 8, daughter scholar, Bedminster
William E. Mitchell 5, son scholar, Bedminster
Henry Mitchell 4, son scholar, Bedminster
George Mitchell 17, nephew unmarried, general labourer, Somerset Bishport

CENSUS 1871.
James Beaven 56, head married, builder, Somerset Clevedon
Eliza Beaven 48, wife married, Somerset Bedminster
Mary A. Beaven 17, daughter unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
William Beaven 15, son, Somerset Bedminster
Henry Beaven 14, son, Somerset Bedminster

CENSUS 1881.
Charles Triggel 55, head married, waterman (on sea), Temple Bristol
Eliza Triggel 50, wife married, Bedminster Bristol
Alice Triggel 20, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Redcliffe Bristol
Mark Triggel 11, son, Redcliffe Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Frederick A. Close 31, head married, saddler and publican, Mountain Ash Glamorganshire
Amelia E. Close 31, wife married, Bristol
Herbert Close 1, son, Bristol
Electia Close 2, daughter, Bristol
Christiana Beer 25, servant single, barmaid, Sidmouth Devon
Charlotte Phillips 25, servant single, domestic servant, Skelty Glamorganshire

CENSUS 1901.
Harry Binmore 28, head married, publican, Devon Devonport
Mabel Binmore 33, wife married, Cornwall Penzance
Mabel Binmore 9, daughter, Cornwall Penzance
Kate Binmore 6, daughter, Cornwall Penzance
Ethel Binmore 7, daughter, Cornwall Penzance
Jack Binmore 3, son, Bristol Bedminster
Clara Lloyd 25, visitor married, Cornwall Penzance

CENSUS 1911.
William Henry Stone 43, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Taunton
Florence Sarah Ann Stone 40, wife married, assisting in business, Yorkshire Leeds
Hilda Pauline Beatrice Stone 12, daughter, School, Gloucestershire Bristol
Elsie Florence Elise Stone 7, daughter, school, Somerset Bristol
Emma Louise Hill 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Somerset Bristol

BELL East Street

1826. D. Allen
1828. James Hunt
1830 - 31. Emanuel Davis
1832 to 1847. Francis Paradice
1848 - 49. Edward Lewis
1851 - 53. William Gillard
1854 to 1861. William Mitchell
1862 to 1866. Eliza Mitchell
1867 to 1878. James Beaven
1879. Eliza Beaven
1881. Charles Triggel
1882. T. H. Oakley
1883 to 1885. Thomas R. Oatway
1886 to 1887. James Billinghurst
1888. Amelia Emily Pope
1889 - 94. Frederick A. Close
1896. Samuel Simons
1897 - 1901. Harry Binmore
1904 - 25. William Henry Stone
1928. Florence Stone
1931 - 35. Hilda Still
1937 - 50. Frederick Wyatt
1953. George Wyatt
1960. J. G. Thomas
1975. B. D. Grimstead (manager)

CENSUS 1841.
Francis Paradice 30, publican, not born in county
Elizabeth Paradice 46, not born in county
Charles Paradice 10, born in county
Elizabeth Paradice 8, born in county
George Paradice 6, born in county
William Paradice 4, born in county
John Paradice 2, born in county
Ambrose Paradice 2, born in county
Ann Filer 20, servant, born in county

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