CENSUS 1851.
Thomas L. Chevalier 47, head married, victualler, Gloucestershire
Hariet Chevalier 47, wife married, Somerset Shepton Mallett
Charles Barker 18, lodger married, clergyman not having care of souls, Middlesex Marylebone
Bashiah Barker 26, lodger married, Gloucestershire Bisley
Mary Ann Hoskins 18, niece unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Hannah Haines 35, servant unmarried, cook, Wiltshire
Ann Hill 17, servant unmarried, housemaid, Gloucestershire Westbury
Charles Glanville 23, servant unmarried, farm labourer, Devon Plymtree
Charles Dawes 18, servant unmarried, ostler, Gloucestershire Henbury
John Smith 14, servant, boots, Gloucestershire Kingswood
John Anderson 25, lodger unmarried, general valet, Scotland

CENSUS 1871.
James Bird 85, head married, hotel keeper, Somerset
Mary Bird 65, wife married, Somerset Kenn
Annie Bird 32, daughter unmarried, Somerset Bishport
Harriet Collins 22, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Kingston
John Bird 16, nephew unmarried, apprentice plumber, Gloucestershire Westbury
Charles Sherman 43, servant unmarried, ostler, Gloucestershire Olveston
Daniel McWilliams 32, boarder unmarried, sergeant major volunteers, East Indies

CENSUS 1881.
James Warren 66, head married, landlord inn keeper, Crediton Devon
Mary Warren 59, wife married, Ploughill Devon
Emma Warren 21, daughter unmarried, barmaid inn servant, Bristol
Henry F. Warren 19, son, unmarried, carpenter, Bristol
Florence Butler 19, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol
Henry Cockram 19, boarder unmarried, farm labourer, South Molton Devon

CENSUS 1891.
George S. Cooke 32, head married, publican, Somerserset Kewstoke
Alice Cooke 31, wife married, Somerset Cleeve
Bernard George Cooke 2, son, Somerset Bleadon
Cecil W. G. Cooke 1, son, Gloucestershire Horfield

CENSUS 1901.
the new Wellington Hotel
Albert Styles 38, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Maria F. Styles 38, wife married, Ireland Cork
Henry J. Styles 13, son, Bristol
James Styles 5, son, Kingswood Gloucestershire
Minnie Styles 3, daughter, Kingswood Gloucestershire
Nora Styles 2, daughter, Bristol
Irene V. Styles 1, daughter, Bristol
Addie Wilmote 15, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Albert Style 48, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Maria Frances Style 48, wife married, Cork Ireland
Henry James Style 24, son single, assisting in business, Bristol
James Style 15, son single, assisting in business, Bristol
Minnie Style 14, daughter, assisting in house, Bristol
Nora Style 12, daughter school, Bristol
Vick Style 11, daughter school, Bristol
Marion Style 8, daughter school, Bristol
Minnie Atkins 30, sister in law single, assisting in house, Cork Ireland
Victor Judge 20, boarder single, motor mechanic, Alderney Channel Islands


1851. Thomas Chevalier
1853 - 54. John Harding
1856 - 58. Thomas Peter Williams
1870 - 71. James Bird
1879 - 81. James Warren
1891 - 97. George S. Cooke
1899 - 1901. John Hucker
1901 - 31. Albert Style
1935 - 44. Minnie Style
1944 - 53. Frederick William Whitehead
1955 - 75. Martin P. Burke

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