CENSUS 1891.
Amelia Louisa Gedge 50, head widow, licensed victualler, Berkeley Gloucestershire
Evelyn C. Gedge 21, daughter single, Bristol Queen Square
Laura B. Gedge 20, daughter single, Lancashire Manchester
Alfred H. Gedge 17, son single, sculptors apprentice, Lancashire Manchester
Henry A. Pope 49, brother married, Berkeley Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1901.
Pryce O, Valentine 25, head married, licensed victualler, Ormskirk Lancashire
Kate Valentine 25, wife married, Trull Somerset
Annie Priddy 16, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

John Westcott 39, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Wellington
Louie Westcott 37, wife married, assisting in business, Dorset Broadwindsor
Doris Westcott 9, daughter, Bristol
Irene Westcott 8, daughter, Bristol
Gordon Westcott 6, son, Bristol
Dudley Westcott 4, son, Bristol
Mary Nation 24, servant single, general domestic servant, Somerset Shapwick






1884 to 1886. William Wood
1887. Charles Byrne
1889 - 94. Amelia Gedge
1895 to 1896. Frederick Tichbon
1897. Percy Morgan
1899. Robert Maddocks
1900. James Jolly
1901. Pryce Valentine
1904 - 25. John Westcott
1928. Alfred Westcott
1931 - 35. Maud Westcott
1937 - 53. Gordon Westcott
1975. J. Williams

the Richmond Spring was previously named the Richmond House Hotel. The street was named after General Gordon who died in 1885


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