corner of Dock Gates Lane

Dock Gates
1775. Robert Williams
1792 - 94. Thomas Rogers
1800 - 06. John Penny

New Dock Gates
1816. William Hartland
1820 - 33. Elizabeth Hartland
1834 to 1854. Robert Burden
1855 to 1857. Henry Cook
1858. S. W. Jones
1860 - 76. Robert Jones
1877 to 1901. Mary Jones
1901. George Jones
1904. Simon Pearce
1906 - 21. William Allen
1925. Alfred Stone
1928 - 35. Benjamin Iles
1937. Edward Walsh
1938 - 56. Grace Alice Rogers

CENSUS 1841.
Robert Burden 40, victualler, born in county
Ann Burden 30, born in county

William Burden 7, born in county
Louisa Burden 6, born in county
Elizabeth Burden 3, born in county
Robert Burden 2, born in county
John Burden 5 months, born in county
George Ford 15, tanner, born in county
Moses Davis 25, labourer, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Robert Burden 48, head widower, licensed victualler, Litchett Dorset
William Burden 17, son unmarried, Clifton
Louisa Burden 16, daughter unmarried, Clifton
Elizabeth Burden 13, daughter, Clifton
Henry Burden 12, son, Clifton
John Burden 10, son scholar, Clifton
Charles Burden 8, son scholar, Clifton
Elizabeth Taylor 17, servant unmarried, house servant, redcliff Bristol

CENSUS 1861.
Robert Jones 53, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Hanham
Mary Jones 53, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
Samuel Jones 35, son unmarried, boiler maker, Gloucestershire Hanham
Robert Jones 23, son married, boiler maker, Gloucestershire Hanham
Sophia Jones 25, daughter in law married, Cornwall Torpoint
George Jones 21, son unmarried, boiler maker, Bristol
Henry Jones 18, son unmarried, engine fitter, Bristol
Walter Jones 9, son scholar, Bristol
Harriet Jones 3, granddaughter, Devon Plymouth
William Jones 8, grandson scholar, Bristol
Henry Williams 22, lodger unmarried, boiler maker, Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
Robert Jones 63, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Hanham
Mary Jones 63, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
George Jones 30, son unmarried, brewer, Bristol St.Philip’s
Henry Jones 28, son unmarried, fitter, clifton
Walter Jones 18, son unmarried, fitter, Clifton
Martha Lacey 21, niece unmarried, servant, Clifton
Rosina Williams 60, widow, semstress, Gloucestershire Hanham
Harriet Lacey 42, unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Hanham

CENSUS 1881.
Mary Jones 70, head widow, licensed victualler, Hanham Gloucestershire
George Jones 40, son unmarried, brewer, St.Philip’s Bristol
Henry Jones 38, son unmarried, engine fitter, Clifton Bristol
Harriet Lacey 56, lodger unmarried, house keeper, Hanham Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1891.
Mary Jones 84, head widow, licensed victualler, Bitton Gloucestershire
Harriet Lacey 64, sister single, cook / domestic servant, Bitton Gloucestershire
George Jones 50, son single, brewer, St.Philip’s Bristol
Henry Jones 48, son single, engine fitter, Clifton Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
George Jones 60, head single, licensed victualler, Bristol
Henry Jones 59, brother single, engineer fitter, Bristol
Harriet Lacey 71, aunt single, cook, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Willam Allen 70, head married, publican, St.James Bath
Elizabeth Allen 67, wife married, St.James Bath
Clara Allen 24, daughter single, Redcliff Bristol

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