WHITE LION Church Road

1865. Samuel Wride
1871. John Roberts
1881 - 88. John Nott
1891 - 1914. Albert Hamm
1917 - 28. William Hicks
1931 - 44. Albert Haste
1950 - 53. Joseph Whitie
1975. R. J. Coles

originally two dwelling houses built in the early 1860s, soon knocked into one and called the White Lion. Samuel Wride’s rent was £24 per annum.

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CENSUS 1871.
Charlotte Roberts  73, head widow, St.George
John Roberts 40, son unmarried, publican, St.George
John Nott 40, son in law, married, labourer, St.George
Elizabeth Nott 42, daughter married, cap maker, St.George
Laura Nott 12, granddaughter scholar, St.George
Lilly Nott 11, granddaughter scholar, St.George
Jane Cleverley 2, boarder, St.George

CENSUS 1881.
Wrongly recorded as the Red Lion
John Nott 49, head married, beer retailer, St.George
Elizabeth Nott 49, wife married, St.George

Laura E. Nott 22, daughter unmarried, machinist, St.George
Lilly C. Nott 21, daughter unmarried, machinist, St.George
Jane Cleverley 12, adopted daughter scholar, St.George

CENSUS 1891.
Albert J. Hamm 32, head married, publican, Bristol
Lily C. Hamm 31, wife married, Bristol
Elizabeth E. Hamm 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Frederick J. J. Hamm 4, son scholar, Bristol
George Hamm 2, son scholar, Bristol
Wilfred J. Hamm 11 months, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
Albert Hamm 41, head married, beer retailer, St.George Bristol
Lily Hamm 41, wife married, housewife, St.George Bristol
Frederick Hamm 14, son, technical scholar, St.George Bristol
George Hamm 12, son scholar, St.George Bristol
Wilfred Hamm 10, son scholar, St.George Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Albert James Hamm 52, head married, beer retailer, St.George
Lily Charlotte Hamm 51, wife married, St.George
George Hamm 21, son single, lithographic artist, St.George
Wilfred John Hamm 20, son single, cabinet maker, St.George