CENSUS 1871.
White Lion
Samuel Cook 37, head married, engine fitter, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Margaret Cook 25, wife married, Bristol Kingsdown
Caroline House 25, servant married, domestic servant, Bristol Kingsdown

CENSUS 1881.
John Williams 29, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Sarah Ann 27, wife married, Bristol
Elizabeth Cook Williams 6, daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Daniel Williams 4, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Sarah Ann Williams 3 daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton
John Williams 2, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Gilbert Williams 1, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Selina Hickery 17, visitor unmarried, general servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
John Williams 39, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol St.James'
Sarah A. Williams 37, wife married, Bristol St.Philip's
Elizabeth C. Williams 16, daughter single, dressmaker, Gloucestershire Stapleton
John Williams 12, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Sarah A. Williams 13, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Gilbert Williams 11, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Tom Williams 7, son scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Helena G. Williams 6, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Victoria B. Williams 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Ellen Williams 2, daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Ada Parsons 19, servant single, general servant, Bristol St.Philip's

CENSUS 1901.
Charles Woodward 48, head married, licensed victualler, Wiltshire
Harriet Woodward 47, wife married, Monmouthshire
Rose Woodward 19, daughter single, Monmouthshire
Emma Silverthorn 22, servant single, housemaid domestic, Monmouthshire

WHITE LION Fishponds Road

1861. Daniel Williams
1871. Samuel Cook
1876 - 91. John Williams
1892 - 1901. Charles Woodward
1904. E. Simmons
1906 - 14. Martha Matthews
1921 - 25. Martha Stokes
1928. Willie Stokes
1931. Sidney Britton
1935. Elizabeth Britton
1937 - 40. Arthur Rossiter
1940 - 44. Frederick Pearce
1950 - 53. Charles March
1975. E. R. Dent

This photograph shows the White Lion in May 2012, and was kindly provided by Cai Mason.

© Cai Mason

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