CENSUS 1841.
Robert Holland 25, publican, born in county
Elizabeth Holland 30, born in county
Sarah Moores 25, servant, born in county
William Fox 13, servant, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
William Sainsbury 47, head married, innkeeper, Mangotsfield Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Sainsbury 44, wife married, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Sarah Ann Sainsbury 22, daughter unmarried, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Robert Sainsbury 18, son unmarried, Stapleton Gloucestershire
William Sainsbury 16, son unmarried, tin plate worker, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Ellen Sainsbury 14, daughter, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Emily Sainsbury 11, daughter, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Sainsbury 7, daughter, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Maria Sainsbury 2, daughter, Stapleton Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1861.
James Osborne 44, head married, licensed victualler, St.Philip's Bristol
Ann Osborne 34, wife married, St.Philip's Bristol
Ellen Osborne 14, daughter, St.Philip's Bristol
James Osborne 10, son scholar, St.Philip's Bristol
George Osborne 8, son scholar, St.Philip's Bristol
Frederick Osbone 5, son scholar, St.Philip's Bristol
Henry Osborne 4, son scholar, St.Philip's Bristol
John Osborne 3, son scholar, St.Philip's Bristol
Hannah Osborne 1, daughter scholar, St.Philip's Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
James Osborne 44, head married, licensed victualler, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
Ann Osborne 45, wife married, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
George Osborne 18, son unmarried, lath render, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
Frederick Osborne 16, son, apprentice lath renderer, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
Henry Osborne 14, son, apprentice lath renderer, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
John Osborne 13, son, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
Alice Osborne 7, daughter scholar, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
Hannah Osborne 3, daughter scholar, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol
Ann Shepstone 13, servant, domestic servant, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
James Osborne 30, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Martha Osborne 33, wife married, Bristol
Annie Osborne 10, daughter scholar, Bristol
Florence Osborne 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
James Osborne 5, son scholar, Bristol
William Osborne 2, son scholar, Bristol
Frederick Osborne 8 months, son, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Francis Lewin 34, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Weston-Super-Mare
Esther A. Lewin 32, wife married, Leicestershire Leicester
Esther F. Lewin 12, daughter scholar, Bristol
Edith M. Lewin 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Charles Lewin 7, son scholar, bristol

CENSUS 1901.
George Mitchell 64, head married, licensed victualler, Milton Abbas Dorset
Ellen A. Mitchell 48, wife married, Southampton Hampshire
Ayling T. Mitchell 22, son single, at home barman, Totton Hampshire
Frances S. Mitchell 20, daughter single, at home, Totton Hampshire
George J. Mitchell 18, son single, articled clerk to surveyor & architect, Totton Hampshire
Eva B. Mitchell 16, daughter single, Totton Hampshire
Lawrence H. Mitchell 14, son, Totton Hampshire
Gladys E. Mitchell 12, daughter, Titchfield Hampshire
James Mitchell 73, brother married, retired hotel keeper, Milton Abbas Dorset
Percy C. Tripp 25, boarder single, no occupation, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Ellen Ann Mitchell 60, head widow, licensed victualler, Southampton
Ayling Taylor Mitchell 32, son single, restauranteur, Totton Hampshire
George James Mithchell 28, son single, assisting in business, Totton Hampshire
Eva Blanche Mitchell 26, daughter single, assisting in business, Totton Hampshire
Lawrence Hawkins Mitchell 24, son single, clerk at fruit merchants, Totton Hampshire
Gladys Ellen Mitchell 22, daughter single, at home, Titchfield Hampshire

Stapleton Road

1806 - 30. Job Guy
1831 - 32. John Deadman
1837. William Johnson
1839 - 40. Samuel Hathway
1841 - 44. Robert Holland
1847 - 54. William Sainsbury
1856. Thomas Thorn
1860 - 78. James Osborne
1881 - 89. James Osborne (jnr)
1891 - 94. Francis Lewin
1895 to 1904. George Mitchell
1905 to 1916. Ellen Ann Mitchell
1917 - 38. Walter Nott
1944 - 53. Alex Crawford Hunter
1975. H. A. Wilcox

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