SHAKESPEARE  Prince Street

1775 John Farrell
1794 Hannah Hopkins
1800 Thomas Batt
1806 Elizabeth Cassup
1811 Joseph Tudgey
1816 Elizabeth Tudgey
1820 - 22 James Langford
1823 to 1840 Ann Langford
1841 to 1861 Robert Ludlam
1861 to 1869 Maria Ludlam
1871 - 72 Margaret Puckey
1874 - 76 Sarah Badcock
1877 - 79 Henry Stevens
1881 Mary Ann Ireland
1882 to 1891 William Ireland
1891. Robert E. Heard
1892 to 1893. Sidney James
1894 - 97 Charles Cuthbert
1899 William Bowden
1901 William H. Bryant
1904 John Hatton
1909 - 17 George Greenwood Gay
1917 - 28 Helen Gay
1930 George Wills
1935 - 76 William Allen

Listed in 1806 as the Shakespeare & American Tavern.

CENSUS 1841.
Robert Ludlam 40, not born in county
Maria Ludlam 35, not born in county
Ann Humphries 25, servant, not born in county
Mary Jordison 30, servant, not born in county
George Simms 45, shopkeeper, born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Robert Ludlam 49, head married, victualler, Derby
Maria Ludlam 48, wife married, Gloucestershire Berkeley
Mary Scarlett 42, sister unmarried, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Hannah Ludlam 21, niece unmarried, Derby
Maria Puckey 15, niece unmarred, Derby
Mary Fisher 27, unmarried, barmaid, Gloucestershire Uley
Jane Regan 27, unmarried, cook, place of birth unknown
John C. Bruce 25, lodger unmarried, mariner, Birmingham
William E. Jones 31, lodger married, mariner, Carmarthen
Ellen S. Scarlett 22, niece unmarried, Somerset Taunton

CENSUS 1861.
Maria Ludlam 58, widow, victualler, Berkeley
Mary Scarlett 53, sister unmarried, Thornbury
Margaret Packey (sic) 23, niece unmarried, Yeovil
George Packey 16, nephew unmarried, Warminster
Elizabeth Bond 28, servant unmarried, Bristol
Jane Palmer 19, unmarried, dressmaker, Liverpool

CENSUS 1871.
Margaret M. Puckley (sic) 34, head unmarried, hotel keeper, Somerset
George S. Puckley 26, brother unmarried, hotel keeper, Wiltshire
Mary Johnson 24, servant married, domestic servant, Bristol
Elizbeth Chapman 26, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
Mary Ann Ireland 28, head married, St.Michael's Bristol
Alice Morris 28, unmarried, barmaid, Redcliff Bristol
Anne Westlake 17, unmarried, waitress, Clifton Bristol
Eliza Green 20, servant unmarried, domestic servant, High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

CENSUS 1891.
Robert E. Heard 52, head married, hotel keeper, Devon Brand Hembury
Ada J. Heard 33, wife married, born on passage from India
Frederick P. Hitchins 17, boarder single, stevedore's clerk, Bristol
Elizabeth B. A. Foster 8, niece scholar, Cardiff
Jane E. Smith 30, boarder single, barmaid, Scotland
Harriet Chubb 28, servant widow, domestic servant cook, Somerset Lydeard St.Lawrence
Elizabeth Cox 47, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
William H. Bryant 35, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Cutcombe
Eliza K. Bryant 35, wife married, Bristol
William J. Bryant 4, son, Bristol
Reginald P. Bryant 3, son, Bristol
Dorothy Bryant 4 months, daughter, Bristol
Eleanor Bryant 70, mother widow, Somerset Bishops Lydeard

CENSUS 1911.
George Greenwood Gay 42, head  married, landlord wine & spirit trade (publican) Bitton Gloucestershire
Helen Gay 40, wife married, Aberdeen Scotland
Elizabeth Louise Gay 18, daughter single, USA, American subject
Worthy William Gay 16, son single, cabinet maker's apprentice, USA, American subject
George Henry Gay 14, son, school, USA, American subject
Helen Annie Gay 11, daughter, school, USA, American subject
James Gillian Gay 9, son, school, USA, American subject
Arthur Forbes Gay 4, son, school, Bristol
Fannie Christina Gay 7 months, daughter, Bristol
Rose Bradshaw 36, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol

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