On the corner of Dove Lane, the Dove Inn ceased to be a public house in the late 1960's. The chimney stack at the right of this picture belongs to the Old Ale & Porter stores which stood on the other side of Dove Lane, and was demolished in 1962.

CENSUS 1861.

Robert Farley 45, head married, beer house keeper, Kentisbeare Devon
Sarah Farley 44, wife married, Clyst Hydon Devon
Ann Farley 16, daughter scholar, Blackborough Devon
Henry Farley 14, son scholar, Blackborough Devon
Maria Farley 9, daughter scholar, Blackborough Devon
Jane Farley 8, daughter scholar, Blackborough Devon
Daniel Farley 6, son scholar, Blackborough Devon
William Bryant 64, visitor married, malt mill maker, Mangotsfield Gloucestershire
Bettey Bryant 54, visitor married, Sampford Courtenay Devon

CENSUS 1871.
Sarah Farley 58, head widow, landlady, Clyst Hydon Devon
Henry R. Farley 25, son, stay presser (corset), Canspear (probably Kentisbeare) Devon
John S. Farley 24, son, fireman, Canspear (probably Kentisbeare), Devon
Jane Farley 18, daughter scholar, St.George Gloucestershire
Daniel Farley 16, son, groom, St.George Gloucestershire
Sarah Ann Farley 2, daughter, St.George Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1881.
Sarah Farley 66, head widow, beer house keeper, Cullompton Devon
Jane Farley 27, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Devon
Edith Farley 3, grandaughter scholar, St.Paul's Bristol

DOVE INN Church Road

1853 - 56. William Bryant
1861. Robert Farley
1871 - 85. Sarah Farley
1886 - 88. Thomas Boughay
1893. J. H. Matthews
1899 - 1901. Frederick Ashmead
1904. C. Smith
1906 - 09. George Harding
1914. Frederick Jefferies
1917 - 25. Virtue Murphy
1928 - 38. Ada Elizabeth Lane
1944 - 50. Minnie Joyce
1953. Joan R. Pierino

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