CENSUS 1841.
Edward Powell 40, carpenter, born in county
Anne Powell 30, not born in county
Sophia Powell 11, not born in county

CENSUS 1851.
Edward Powell 57, head married, carpenter, Gloucestershire Newland
Anne Powell 47, wife married, Somerset North Curry
Benjamin Powell 27, son unmarried, brewer, London
Maria Thomas 26, visitor unmarried, dressmaker, Bristol
Henry Leech 40, visitor unmarried, cabinet maker, Gloucestershire Filton

CENSUS 1861.
Ann Clark 39, head unmarried, publican, Bristol
Clara Vowels 21, servant unmarried, Backwell Somerset

CENSUS 1871.
Ann Clark 39, head unmarried, inn keeper, Bristol
Rosa Hill 13, niece, Bristol
Martha Taylor 17, servant, General servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
Alexander Lewis 33, head married, licensed victualler, Somersetshire Bath
Augusta Lewis 31, wife married, Bristol
William Alexander Lewis 9, son scholar, Bristol
Herbert James Lewis 8, son scholar, Bristol
Frederick George Lewis 5, son scholar, Bristol
Minnie Amelia Florence Lewis 4, daughter scholar, Bristol
Rosa Alice Lewis 2, daughter, Bristol
Ada Maria Taylor 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Herbert James Lewis 18, head single, barman, Bristol
Minnie Lewis 14, sister scholar, Bristol
Rose Lewis 12, sister scholar, Bristol
Frederick Griffin 31, lodger single, compositor, Bristol
Louisa Read 39, manageress widow, pub manageress, Bristol
Joseph Read 12, visitor scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
Albert J. Holland 36, head married, barman, Oxfordshire Wilney
Jannet Holland 35, wife married, Northamptonshire Wooton
Daisy Holland 10, daughter, Northamptonshire Wooton
Maggie Holland 9, daughter, Northamptonshire Wooton

CENSUS 1911.

William Cowell 63, head married, hotel proprietor, Appleford Berkshire
Elizabeth Ann Cowell 59, wife married, assisting in the business, Wootton Northamptonshire
William Augustus Cowell 15, son school, Bristol
Jesse Robinson 77, boarder widower, Wootton Northamptonshire








BRITANNIA Grosvenor Road

1834 - 40. Elizabeth Hughes
1842 - 56. Edward Powell
1858. Alfred Gibson
1860 - 75. Ann Clark
1876 to 1877. John Lugg
1878. Mrs. Lugg
1879. John Thomas
1881 - 86. Alexander Lewis
1887. A. Whitcombe
1888 - 94. Charles Stooke
1896. Thomas Blackmore
1899 - 1901. William Cowell
1904. S. Cotty
1905 to 1906. William Sulifant Board
1911 - 17. William Cowell
1921 - 38. Alfred Bruton
1944 - 53. Esther Ryan
1960. E. F. Mason

1975. M. B. Teller (Inkerman)

On the corner of Grosvenor Road and Wilder Street, the Britannia was later named the Inkerman.
Previously at the Royal Table in Barton Hill Road, William Sulifant Board was licensee at the Britannia when he died in the January of 1906.




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