1871. George Harvey
1874. A. Shortman
1881 - 83. George Hill
1885. John Davis
1886. Caroline Osborne
1888. Catherine Smith
1891 - 1906. Edwin George Hill
1909. Annie Hill
1911 - 44. Rose Tambling
1950 - 53. Phillis Margery Cattell

CENSUS 1871.
Redfield Inn
George R. Harvey 48, head married, coal miner, Newton St.Loe Somersetshire
Mary Harvey 47, wife married, coal miner's wife, Keynsham Somersetshire
George T. Harvey 18, son unmarried, coal miner, Bristol
Julia Harvey 14, daughter scholar, St.George Gloucestershire
Alfred R. Harvey 12, son, coal miner, Bristol
Frederick W. Harvey 8, son scholar, Bristol
Thomas Shortman 50, lodger widower, coal miner, St.George Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1881.
George Hill 35, head married, cooper and beer retailer, Gloucestershire St.George
Louisa J. Hill 35, wife married, machinist, Bristol
Emma Hill 14, daughter, domestic servant, Gloucestershire St.George
George Hill 12, son scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Selina E. Hill 9, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Thomas Hill 7, son scholar, Gloucestershire St.George

CENSUS 1891.
Edwin G. Hill 44, head married, machine man iron works, Bristol St.John's
Ally Hill 45, publican, wife married, Bristol St.Paul's
Annie Hill 23, daughter single, boot machinist, Bristol St.Paul's
Rose Hill 21, daughter single, boot machinist, Bristol St.Paul's
Caroline Hill 17, daughter single, boot machinist, Gloucestershire St.George
Alice Hill 12, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Paul's

CENSUS 1901.
shop and inn
Edwin George Hill 54, head married, fitter, Bristol
Annie Hill 55, wife married, Bristol
Alice Hill 22, daughter single, Bristol
Frank Tamblin 32, son in law married, printer, Bridgwater Somerset
Rose Tamblin 32, wife married, Bristol
May Victoria Hicks 4, granddaughter, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
Francis William John Tambling 44, head married, printer, Cannington Somerset
Rose Tambling 42, wife married, beer seller, St.Philip’s Bristol
Phillis Margery 2, daughter, Redfield Inn St.George

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