1866. Solomon Rogers
1871. Edwin Lock
1879 - 88. Isaac Smith
1891 - 93. John Hallett
1899 - 1906. William Allen
1909. Alice Allen
1914 - 21. Alice Louisa Stephens
1928 - 35. William Whittington
1937 - 53. Gwendoline Roberts

The Shepherds' Rest was demolished in 1964


CENSUS 1871.
Edwin Lock 38, head married, beer house keeper and mason, St.Phillip's Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Lock 35, wife married, St.Phillip's Gloucestershire
Ann Vernon 67, mother widow, mop maker, Wiveliscombe Somerset
Anne Taylor 8, niece, St.Phillip's Gloucestershire

CENSUS 1881.

Isaac Smith 45, head married,  beer retailer, St.George
Emma Smith 41, wife married, St.George
Mary A. Smith 17, daughter unmarried, assistant, St.George
Eliza Smith 13, daughter scholar, St.George
Sarah Alway 32, sister widow, butcheress, St.George
Willie F. Alway 4, nephew scholar, St.Philip's Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
John Hallett 39, head married, beer retailer, Bridgeport
Ellen Hallett 37, wife married, Bristol
William J. Hallett 16, son unmarried, chemist's apprentice, Bristol
Ellen E. Hallett 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Emily E. Hallett 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mabel A. Hallett 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Polly Moore 20, servant single, servant, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
William Allen 59, head married, publican, Somerset Bath
Elizabeth Allen 57, wife married, Somerset Bath
Clara Allen 24, daughter single, Bristol
Hannah Allen 22, daughter single, tailoress, Bristol
John Allen 17, son single, dock labourer, Bristol
Mabel Allen 15, daughter, hosiery shop assistant, Bristol


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