Part of an email sent in by Mike Meechem:
Catherine Spratt followed Mary Spratt in 1935 until 1937 when my grandfather sold the pub to the Drake Family. Mrs Ada Drake was the publican until the late 1940's. It suffered bomb damage during the war and a fire in the roof. Owing to a lack of water at the time attempts were made to control the fire with beer!!!

The following information was kindly provided by Ivan Jarman, great great grandson of William Spratt, who was the licensee at the Rising Sun 1904 - 1922.

Schedule of deeds and documents relating to land at Cathay, Redcliffe in the city and county of Bristol.

As to property formerly known as No.40 Cathay

16/2/1735.     INDENTURE OF GRANT

26/1/1792.     INDENTURE                   Mr. J. F. Smith (1) and Mr. N. Smith (2)

13/9/1794.     DEED

21/4/1803.     LETTER

19/7/1802.     INDENTURE                   Mr. N. Smith to Mr. T. Webber

6/10/1804.     FEOFFMENT                   Mr. T. Webber to Mr. E. Harvey

18/10/1819.   COPY WILL of                 Mr. G. Hughes

25/3/1823.     CONVEYANCE                 Mrs. C. Hughes to Mr. R. Hull

3/1/1826.       MORTGAGE                    Mr. R. Hull to Mr. D. Gibbs

14/3/1827.     SURCHARGE                   Mr. R. Hull to Mr. D. Gibbs

4/2/1831.       LEASE                           Mr. R. Hull to Mr. J. Willway

5/2/1831.       APPOINTMENT               Mr. R. Hull to Mr. J. Willway

5/2/1833.       ASSIGNMENT                 Mr. D. Gibbs to Mr. H. Pallin

2/10/1888.     RECEIPT

        1888.     ABSTRACT OF TITLE

29/9/1888.     CONVEYANCE                 Mr. J. S. Willway to Messrs. S. G. James, R. B. Pierce and A. B. James *

8/10/1888.     INLAND REVENUE FORM

        1897.     ABSTRACT OF TITLE (4)

20/7/1897.     CONVEYANCE                 Mr. F. Moody to Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd.

24/7/1954.     CERTIFICATE                 of redemption of land tax

        1960.     ABSTRACT OF TITLE

27/4/1960.     LOCAL SEARCH               No. 77770

17/8/1960.     OFFICIAL SEARCH           No. 666803/60

24/8/1960.     CONVEYANCE                 Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd. To Bristol Corporation

* Stephen George James, Robert Bartlett Pierce and Alfred Bartlett James were the proprietors of The Bedminster Brewery.

CENSUS 1841.

Sarah Williams 39, cooper, not born in county

Frederic G. Williams 11, born in county

Louisa M. Williams 9, born in county

Sarah A. Williams 5, born in county

Matilda Williams 3, born in county

Charles Jones 23, cooper, not born in county

Jane Morgan 16, servant, born in county

CENSUS 1851.

George Roe 33, head married, tailor’s cutter, Gloucestershire Newnham

Sarah Roe 45, wife married, London

Frederick G. Williams 20, son in law, cooper, Bristol

Mary L. Williams 18, daughter in law, Bristol

Matrilda Williams 12, daughter in law, Bristol

Charles Jones 12, visitor, London

Sarah Williams 15, daughter in law, Bristol

CENSUS 1861.

Charlotte Warburton 58, head widow, landlady, Bristol

John Warburton 23, son married, brass finisher, Bristol

CENSUS 1871.

Rising Sun

Henry Hunt 33, head married, shipwright, Gloucestershire Bristol

Amelia Hunt 39, wife married, Somersetshire Bristol

Henry B. Hunt 4, son, Somersertshire Bristol

Julia Jeans 14, servant, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Sodbury

CENSUS 1881.

Joseph Hawkins 42, head married, tailor & publican, Somerset Wells

Sophia Hawkins 39, wife married, Gloucestershire Gloucester

William Jones 18, boarder unmarried, tailor’s apprentice, Somerset Bridgwater

CENSUS 1891.

Thomas Baldon 61, head married, publican, Somerset Taunton

Maria Baldon 59, wife married, Bristol Gloucestershire

Alfred White 18, nephew single, publican’s assistant, Bristol Gloucestershire

Louisa Lambert 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Dorset Sherborne

Mary Simmonds 42, mother married, traveller, Lancashire Rochdale

Beatrice Simmonds 7, daughter scholar, Lancashire Rochdale

CENSUS 1901.

Rose Emily Hussey 47, head widow, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bristol

Alice Emily Hussey 25, daughter single, Somersetshire  Bristol

CENSUS 1911.

William Spratt 60, head married, licensee, Bedminster Bristol

Mary Jane Spratt 59, wife married, housewife, Bedminster Bristol

Rose Spratt 33, daughter single, coat machinist at factory, Bedminster Bristol

Mabel Spratt 22, daughter single, assisting at home, Bedminster Bristol

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1836 - 38. Benjamin Williams

1839 to 1847. Sarah Williams

1848 to 1853. George Roe

1854. George Woolcott

1857. William Britton

1859 - 68. Charlotte Warburton

1870 - 76. Henry Hunt

1877 to 1891. Joseph Hawkins

1891. Thomas Baldon

1892 to 1898. Alfred Hussey

1900 - 01. Rose Hussey

1904 to 1922. William Spratt

1923 to 1935. Mary Spratt

1935 to 1937. Catherine Spratt

1937 to late 40s. Ada Drake

1949 - 53. Thomas Sayers