The following leasehold premises were mortgaged by Daniel Sykes & Co. on the 15th March 1894, to secure a loan of £8000. The lenders were surgeon Alfred Hugh Benson, of Wrington Somerset, and solicitor Charles Robert Hancock, of Bristol.  The loan was paid out of moneys belonging to them on a joint account, the interest on this loan was set at 5% per annum, to be paid half yearly.

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No.107 Redcliff Street, built in 1640, this old building like many others in the area was lost in the blitz. The brewery entrance would have been at the rear of the building on Redcliff Back where there was once a pub called the Brewers’ Arms. In 1775 a pub called the Jolly Brewers was next door at No.106.

Owners of the Redcliff Brewery as listed in directories:
1775. Perrington, Maltster & Brewer

1793. Samuel Willmot, Maltster
1806. Elizabeth Willmot & Son, Maltsters & Brewers
1816 - 34. R. S. Willmot, Maltster & Brewer
1839 - 48. H & C. Vallance & Co. Brewers & Maltsters
1853 - 56. H & G. Vallance & Co. Brewers & Maltsters
1861. G & H. Vallance & Co. Brewers & Maltsters
1863 - 65. George Vallance & Co. Brewers & Maltsters
1869 - 97. Daniel Sykes & Co. Maltsters & Brewers

Daniel Sykes & Co. Ltd merged with Bristol United Breweries Ltd in 1897 and the brewery was closed down in 1898.  For a list of south Gloucestershire pubs tied to the Redcliff Brewery in 1891 click