SHIP Redcliff Hill

1775. John Perrins
1794. James Palmer
1800. Betty Palmer
1816. Robert Sims
1820 - 23. John King
1826 - 32. Isaac Crocker
1834 - 44. William Field
1851. Edward Weaving
1851 - 61. John Vincent
1863 - 71. William Turvey
1871 - 83. Frederick Ogborne
1885 - 94. Betsy Ogborne
1896. George Wadley
1897. William Newport
1899 - 1906. Walter Beacham
1909. Edward Hoddinott
1911 - 17. James Hall
1921. Arthur Watts
1925. Benjamin Iles
1928. James Thompson
1931. Arthur Young
1935 - 37. Arthur Scriven
1944. Philip Smith
1947. Charles James Weare
1950. Walter Dee
1953. Victor Jennings
1960. R. A. Wallington

The Ship Inn was re-built in 1860, it stood across the road from St.Mary Redcliffe Church and was next door to the famous shot tower, it once had stables and a coach house at the rear. A popular jazz venue in the 50s and 60s, the pub and the shot tower were demolished in 1968.

CENSUS 1841.
William Field 40, publican, not born in county
Mary Field 50, not born in county
Matilda Field 16, not born in county
Elizabeth Pinnell 25, barmaid, not born in county
Elizabeth Harding 20, servant, not born in county
Robert Hassell 14, servant, not born in county

CENSUS 1851.
John Vincent 35, head married, inn keeper, Long Ashton Somerset
Charlotte Vincent 31, wife married, inn keeper's wife, Leigh Somerset
Tryphenna Vincent 19, daughter, at home, Bristol
Sarah Norris 72, visitor widow, annuitant, Asherby Devon
Rebecca Nealway 26, servant unmarried, house servant, East ...? Somerset
Mark Guttrick 22, servant unmarried, servant, Stoke Lane Somerset

CENSUS 1861.
John Vincent 45, head married, victualler, Somerset Ashton
Ann Vincent 35, wife married, Somerset Wellington
Sarah Price 35, barmaid unmarried, Bristol Redcliff
Ruth Dotter 21, servant unmarried, Devon Bideford
Joshua Griffiths 17, servant unmarried, hostler, Wales Carmarthen
William Williams 55, servant unmarried, brewer, Bermuda

CENSUS 1871.
Frederick Ogborne 46, head married, publican, Somerset Wrington
Betsy Ogborne 46, wife married, Somerset Wellington
Walter Ogborne 18, son unmarried, carpenter's apprentice, Hampshire Fairham
George Ogborne 15, son, saddler's apprentice, Hampshire Fairham
Mary Ogborne 12, daughter scholar, Hampshire Fairham

CENSUS 1881.
Frederick Ogborne 56, head married, licensed victualler, Wrington Somerset
Bitsey Ogborne 57, wife married, Wellington Somerset
Mary E. Ogborne 22, daughter unmarried, Fareham Hampshire
Emma Willcox 21, servant unmarried, Bristol

CENSUS 1891.
Betsy Ogborne 66, head widow, licensed victualler, Somerset Wellington
Maud Mawditt 20, barmaid single, South Wales
Ada Filer 18, servant single, Domestic, Bristol

CENSUS 1901.
Walter Beacham 36, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Florence Beacham 35, wife married, Bristol
Florence Beacham 8, daughter, Bristol
Beatrice Beacham 7, daughter, Bristol
Winifred Beacham 5, daughter, Bristol

CENSUS 1911.
James Hall 38, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol Bedminster
Rosina Hall 37, wife married, licensed victualler, Bristol Bedminster
Evelyn May Hall 13, daughter scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Hilda Priscilla Hall 9, daughter scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Ivor James Hall 1, son, Bristol Redcliff
William Henry Phillips 34, servant single, porter and cellarman, Bristol St.Paul's

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