BACCHUS Temple Street

1755. Robert Hake
1764. Thomas Griffith
1775. Thomas Grace
1792 - 94. Mary Brooks
1800 - 06. William Mason
1816 - 24. William Spray
1825 - 34. William Williams
1837 - 44. William Hampton
1847 - 53. Thomas Brown
1853. George Brown
1855 - 61. Thomas Richards
1861 - 69. Thomas Saunders
1871 - 72. John Saunders
1874 - 77. Robert Perry
1878 - 79. Clement Padfield
1881 - 87. James Coles
1888 to 1891. Elizabeth Coles
1891 - 92. William Coles
1894 - 99. John Stevens
1901. William Corbould
1904. John Daniels
1906 - 09. Isaac Williams
1911 - 14. William Lawrence Allan
1917. William Herod
1921. Alexander James
1925 - 31. William Collins
1935 - 37. Claude Lloyd

On the corner with Portwall Lane. The building looming in the background is the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria Street. The Bacchus like much else in the area was bombed in the war.



CENSUS 1841.
William Hampton 55, victualler, born in county
Hester Hampton 50, born in county
William Hampton 25, twine spinner, born in county
Harry Heand 15, servant, born in county
Charlotte Parry 20, servant, born in county
Edward Welsh 35, excavator
Arthur Weare 55, twine spinner
Elizabeth Weare 40
Richard With 20, labourer, born in county
Henry George 20, labourer
Richard Gallaway 25, labourer
Richard Randall 20, glass maker
John McBride 25, labourer

CENSUS 1851.
Thomas Brown 36, head married, victualler, St.Georges Gloucestershire
Sarah A. Brown 36, St.Georges Gloucestershire
Elizabeth A. Brown 11, daughter, at home, Gloucestershire Alveston
Anny Brown infant, Bristol
Caroline Stone 20, servant unmarried, Somerset
Joseph Newton 24, servant unmarried, porter, Bristol
George Haseman 38, lodger married, railway guard, London
William Surege 22, lodger unmarried, sailor, Bristol Bedminster
Walter Hobbins 23, lodger unmarried, harness maker, Gloucestershire Bitton
George A. Thompson 42, married, draftsman, Shropshire Bridgenorth
Thomas Goss 26, married, general dealer, Devon
Eliza Goss 23, married, general dealer, Devon

CENSUS 1861.
Thomas Saunders 48, head married, publican, Wiltshire Kemble
Hannah Saunders 61, wife married, housekeeper, Gloucestershire Berkeley
Mary Ann Martin 19, daughter married, bar woman, Worcestershire Stoke Prior
Edwin Martin 27, son in law married, engine driver, Wiltshire Westbury
Isabella Watkins 20, servant unmarried, servant, Gloucestershire Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
John Saunders 29, head unmarried, licensed victualler, Kemble Wiltshire
Harriet Powell 64, housekeeper widow, housekeeper, Ham Berkeley Gloucestershire
James Salter 25, barman unmarried, barman, Creech near Taunton
Emma Drewitt 33, servant unmarried, domestic servant, All Cannings near Devizes

CENSUS 1881.
James Coles 48, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Nether Stowey
Elizabeth Coles 48, wife married, Somerset Nether Stowey
William Coles 14, son, Somerset Nether Stowey
Edwin Coles 6, son, Somerset Nether Stowey
George Witney 49, lodger married, labourer, Gloucestershire Nailsey
George Tyairs 28, lodger, butcher, Dorsetshire Poole
Robert Robson 35, lodger, mariner, Somerset Bath
Adam Burt 32, lodger unmarried, labourer, Somerset Compton Martin
Emma Headly 31, servant married, general servant, Somerset Compton Martin
John Morris 60, lodger unmarred, labourer, Bristol
Sarah Gray 45, lodger unmarried, Somerset Timsbury

CENSUS 1891.
William Coles 23, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emily Coles 19, wife married, Bristol
Jaby Rue 44, servant married, general servant, Somerset Wrington
Jane Baker 28, servant single, domestic servant & cook, Somerset Wrington
Harry Wintle 60, boarder married, fishmonger, Bristol
Frank Massen 45, boarder single, general labourer, Bristol Clifton
Thomas Quinton 65, boarder single, stable man, Ireland Waterford
Thomas Morgan 18, boarder single, cattle dealer, Ireland Cork
Dennis Murphy 45, boarder married, cattle dealer, Ireland Cork

CENSUS 1901.
Mary Croden 38, head widow
Daisy Croden 18, daughter single, clerk, Bristol Stapleton
Annie Croden 17, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol Redcliff
Jane Baker 50, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol Bedminster, crippled

CENSUS 1911.
William Lawrence Allan 29, head married, licensed victualler, Turriff Aberdeenshire
Catherine Mary Allan 33, wife married, assisting in business, Huntsham Devon
Francis James Wensley 31, brother in law single, motor body maker, Hockworthy Devon




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