1794. James Searle
1800 - 06. Thomas Pike
1816 - 32. Peter Scamp
1834. Elizabeth Scamp
1837 - 39. Robert Lockley
1844 - 53. Samuel Edwards
1861 - 77. James Duckham
1879 - 87. William Bosley
1889. Henry Strong
1891. Henry Dunsbey
1892. Thomas James
1894. Walter Bartram
1897 - 99. Thomas Fowkes
1901 - 04. William Daniells
1906. Sarah Wright

On the corner of Victoria Road and Haberfield Street this site is now under the Haberfield multi-storey car park. This picture was taken in 1906 and not long after the building which was sixteenth century in origin was converted into two houses, just after the second world war it stood derelict and was demolished in the early 1950s.  Ellsbridge Passage to the right of the building led through to Ellbroad Street.

CENSUS 1851.
Samuel Edwards 43, Publican Bitton
Mary 42, Bitton
Edwin 20, Labourer Bristol
Cecilia 16, Gloucestershire St Georges
Louisa 13, Scholar Gloucestershire St Georges

CENSUS 1861.
James Duckham 27, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Cheltenham
Hannah Duckham 35, wife married, Herefordshire
Hannah E. Duckham 13, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Henry Duckham 7, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Thomas Duckham 10, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
James Sidney Duckham 6, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
George Duckham 3 months, son, Gloucestershire Bristol

CENSUS 1871.
James Duckham 48, head married, marble mason, Gloucestershire Cheltenham
Hannah Duckham 46, wife married, Herefordshire Cliford
Henry T. Duckham 21, son unmarried, upholsterer's apprentice, Bristol
Thomas Duckham 19, son unmarried, marble mason, Bristol
James S. Duckham 15, son, wood carver's apprentice, Bristol
George A. Duckham 9, son scholar, Bristol
Hannah E. Mastell 22, daughter widow, domestic servant, unemployed, Bristol
Jane Mastell 4, granddaughter scholar, Bristol

CENSUS 1881.
William Bosley 46, head married, mason, Stogumber
Jane Bosley 41, wife head, Williton
Louisa Bosley 15, daughter, barmaid, Taunton
William Bosley 13, son scholar, Wells
Bessie Bosley 11, daughter scholar, Wells
Emily E. Bosley 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Albert Bosley 7, son scholar, Bristol
Edith Bosley 5 months, daughter, Bristol
Anne Downing 42, visitor widow, nurse, Wells

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